All main advantages of the newly popular self balancing electrical scooter

Sep 4, 2014 – China – With the penetration of the environmental friendly concept, the transportation device with the electrical driving method such as the self balancing scooter becomes people’s new selection. Today, the China famous electric chariot manufacturer and supplier will tell people main advantages of this product. People who have related purchasing demand need to carefully read this article.

Electric driving and low operating noise

The self balancing scooter applies the lithium-ion battery set as the core power source, which could help to achieve the zero discharging of carbon. On the other hand, this driving device also made use of the power conversion technology which could automatically charge the lithium battery in the process of driving downhill. This technology makes the electric energy and kinetic energy can be recycled very freely. At the same time, due to the improvement of the motor performance, the noise of the electric self balance scooter is very small which could be called the zero noise electrical bikes.

Small outside size and light weight

The technician from said that the size of the self balancing scooter only could produce the vertical projection area of two pairs of slippers. It covers very little area. On the other hand, each people can quickly remove and handle this device very easily. The totally weight of the balance electric car is around 15 kg weight and the body of this device is equipped with a pull rod that could help people easy to handle and take their electrical scooter. However, you need to have very good body strength.

The stand driving method

The most featured characteristic of the self balancing scooter should be the standing driving method. This driving method let people make use of their body center of gravity and control and the rod to control the operation electric bike. On the other hand, people can use the short handle accessories at the same time to control the motion of the scooter with the calf controlling.

In addition to all advantages above, the self balancing scooter also has many other strong points. For example, as the low weight designation, this kind of products is very energy saving and the battery charging time is very short. However, if people want to get more information about this newly product, please do not hesitate to visit website


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