Aliera Ministry Plans Offers Affordable Medical Coverage

May 4, 2018 – Aliera Healthcare, an innovated healthcare organization, offers comprehensive, affordable medical coverage from traditional to non-traditional for individuals and families. Unity HealthShare, managed exclusively by Aliera Healthcare and designated with the Unity HealthShare logo, provides quality healthcare sharing ministry plans at economical prices. 

Aliera Healthcare specializes in giving individuals and families freedom to choose affordable medical coverage to fit needs and budgets. There are standard plans, comprehensive plans, group plans, and more, including the healthcare sharing ministry plans supported by Unity HealthShare.

Aliera Ministry Plans were launched to share one another’s needs. In most cases, members of health care sharing plans share a religious or ethical belief and join together based on those shared beliefs. Health share members take control of their health and make daily and life decisions to stay healthy. Aliera Ministry plans  let you be a smoker or a drinker (but not to excess). Sometimes health share plans are referred to by other names such as Christian medical cost sharing, healthcare cost sharing, and health cost sharing.

This kind of plan differs from traditional insurance and coexists with the health care sharing plans philosophy of individual responsibility and helping those in need. A conventional insurance model means that premiums are sent to insurance companies, and members are responsible for paying deductibles and for co-pays that do not go toward deductibles. To add to the costs, many traditional plans have prescription deductibles and co-pays. Furthermore, personal health responsibility is not taken into the equation. An insurance company’s entire population covers the bills of one other despite those who have not taken care of their health.

Unity HealthShare is not insurance and is not issued by an insurance company. Furthermore, the healthcare sharing does fall under The Affordable Care Act. Therefore, no penalties derived from the act are assessed under the sharing program. The program is not a contract, and a member can quit the program at any time. All members of faith are welcome as long as each member agrees to and signs UnityShare’s Statement of Beliefs.

The premiums for Aliera Ministry Plans are lower than traditional premiums. Members make monthly contributions and that do not fluctuate from month to month in the affordable medical coverage.

A member’s monthly contribution is placed in a “share box” to be matched to another member’s bill. After a member visits one of the doctors available in the network, and a medical statement is created, the doctor submits the statement, and the charge is reviewed. If approved, money is transferred from the share box to cover the bill.

Aliera Healthcare is an innovative healthcare company for individuals and employers.

Aliera Healthcare provides affordable medical coverage and comprehensive healthcare plans for individuals and families. Their healthcare sharing ministry plans offer non-traditional coverage for individuals who wish to take control of their health.

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