Alcohol Abuse Still a Major Cause of Crimes and Casualties, Warns Chapters Capistrano

A new press statement from Chapters Capistrano makes it clear that alcohol remains a deadly substance—likely the deadliest in the United States.

While movies and TV programs continue to paint illicit drugs as society’s leading ills—and while they are certainly hazardous, high-risk intoxicants—the reality is that alcohol remains the deadliest drug in all of America. A recent Washington Post  article affirms as much, noting that alcohol is associated with more violent crimes than any other intoxicant. Chapters Capistrano has responded to this troubling report with a new statement to the press.

“When you look at the substances most often associated with acts of criminal violence, and with incarcerations for aggressive offenses, the leading culprit is not heroin or cocaine—dangerous though those drugs certainly are,” comments Mike Shea, the founder of Chapters Capistrano. “The leading factor in these incidents is alcohol; though alcohol may be perfectly legal, it remains an incredible blight on our society.”

The Washington Post backs up this claim, noting that alcohol is involved in more homicides than every other substance combined. Meanwhile, as the population of cocaine users ages and dwindles, alcohol’s relative impact has continued to rise.

The report also notes that surveys of those incarcerated for violent crimes have found that 40 percent of all offenders were drinking at the time they committed their violent episode—and that their blood-alcohol levels tended to be three times the legal limit.

“You could argue that these statistics do not prove that alcohol causes violent crimes, and that’s fair enough—but it’s hard to deny that alcohol has such an adverse impact on our judgment that it is often associated with truly horrific acts,” observes Shea. “This does not mean that everyone who drinks will turn to violence, but it does speak volumes about the general effects that alcohol abuse can have on both the mind and the body.”

The Washington Post affirms this: “If offenders all stopped drinking, we wouldn’t see a 100-percent reduction in their crimes,” the article states. “Yet alcohol does play a distinctive role. It lowers inhibitions and, among some people, fosters aggressive behavior that ratchets up the risk that violence will somehow occur.”

Concludes Shea, “Those who struggle with drinking and with alcoholism should be aware of the corrosive effects this dangerous substance can have on the mind—but not hopeless, and not despairing. No one is beyond recovery. Chapters Capistrano can help those who see the ravages of alcohol abuse in their own life, and wish to change.”

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