Airwheel SR3 intelligent auto-following suitcase: travel light and travel smart

“Joy”, “smart”, and “efficient” are Airwheel everlasting fundamental ideas. Its new product SR3 smart robot suitcase adopts a series of solutions to enhance the controlling performance and improve the sense of comfort, which also shows the trend of future intelligent world and Airwheel’s R&D capability.

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Airwheel wish all products could bring joy of life to every user, it also represents the passion and courage held by Airwheel to address the challenges forward and to ensure that Airwheel takes big strides to march forward. Smart suitcases are getting more and more popular. Airwheel launched the latest product SR3 self-driving luggage, the first intelligent self-following suitcase in 2018. It’s debuted on the new product conference under its marketing slogan, “free intelligent life!”

Airwheel SR3 smart autonomous suitcase

Different from the traditional self-balance vehicle, Airwheel SR3 will be able to play a role as travel mate and bring convenience to every journey. Airwheel SR3 intelligent auto-following suitcase has built-in small omni-wheels enabling them to be pulled along on hard flat surfaces by a fixed or extendable handle or by a retractable or towable leash. Also, the wheels are mute and shockproof making it produce no noise pollution. It can be controlled via a smartphone application and has features like auto follow, intelligent obstacle avoidance, intelligent alarm system, removable and chargeable battery and other.

Airwheel SR3 smart robot suitcase

First and foremost, SR3 is a intelligent visual following suitcase that can follow you automatically with the core technology of visual tracking and sensor technology. Moreover, it is able to go to the destination autonomously without bumping into people or objects. There is no worry about the loss of it, as both user’s mobile phone and SR3 itself will release alarm when it’s separated from the owner beyond safe distance. Users can remote control SR3 self-following suitcase via the smartphone application and there are three control modes: single hand mode, two hands mode and gravity sensing mode. In addition to the above, SR3’s built-in lithium battery meets the airline boarding requirements and can provide power for users’ mobile phone, Pad and other electronics. Be the travel trendsetter with Airwheel SR3.

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