Airwheel Smart Electric Bike Is Helpful To Decrease Urban Traffic Pressure

Nowadays, more and more motor vehicles are widely applied into people’s life. At the same time, the chance of getting stuck in the halfway and chance of traffic accidents are increasing. However, riding Airwheel mini electric bike is helpful to avoid these.

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We can get to know that the traffic jam and accidents happen now and then. Indeed, more and more motor vehicles are applied to our daily life. Although private car gives us fast speed and comfortable sitting environment, it causes congested traffic and a lot of traffic accidents. Some accidents even result in injuries and deaths. In fact, the traffic accidents can be largely reduced if people are willing to change their travel transports. Airwheel smart e bike is one of the safest travel transports in the current market.

Airwheel E6

Airwheel Smart Electric Bike gives people very comfortable and safe riding experience. The mini size allows riders to get rid of the traffic congestion. And they are equipped with customized tires enabling riders to conquer different road conditions easily. In addition, the equipped electronic brake system improves the riding safety of Airwheel to the highest point. Such a system chooses electric control instead of mechanical drive, which makes the brake instant, accurate and safe. When the emergency during the riding happens, riders can press down the brake button beside the handlebar. Multi-functional handlebar of E3 and E6 with EBS, bell, phone holder and headlight is to give riders comfortable and convenient riding experience.

Airwheel R8

In Airwheel, another longstanding goal is to boost the ability to pack away. Being a personal transport, Airwheel intends to make its electric self-balancing scooter more convenient to store and carry. Since the customers made complaints about the clumsiness of Airwheel S3, Airwheel altered the control shaft of S5 to the foldable one, which makes it possible to put it into the boot. In this respect, Airwheel spared no effort. Equally, Airwheel has done much in Airwheel electric folding bicycle. Airwheel E series and R series (except the R8 electric mountain bike) can pack as much as it can. When it packs away, it can be stored under the office desk. Besides, it can save much space in the workplace or the residence.

Airwheel S5

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