Airwheel self balancing electric scooter Believes: Sometimes, Distance Is the Best Thing.

Cities are becoming more and more crowded. We squeeze into the bus and subway every day. Or we are stuck into the endless traffic jam hearing our girlfriend or boyfriend complaining about being late for a friend’s party… These are exactly the moments when we want to keep distance with others.

It’s undeniable that we are “closer” with each other. Here the “close” means we have no choice but struggling forward in the city crowds. There are too many people living in the cities. So if you want to save your precious time for your business, the best way is to “keep distance” from the huge crowds and find your own way in the city travel. But how? Don’t worry. Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters have found the best shortcut for you.

In the city transport, you may be faster on the sidewalks. How many times that you are desperately waiting in the car that is stuck in the traffic and watch the pedestrians on the sidewalk smiling and passing you? You wish you can get off the car and walk to your important meetings. But the time doesn’t allow you to walk or even run to the company. Here comes the Airwheel electric scooters. With the top speed of 18 km/h, your speed on the sidewalks will make you arrive the conference room on time, and you won’t be trapped by the crowded transport. 

Keep distance from the buses or subways, and start an all fresh and happy workday. Fatal fury resulting in quarrels or even conflicts can be seen on the crowded buses or subways every day. Indeed it’s impossible to calm down when your new and neat suit is messed up. So why don’t you leave these crowds. Take out your Airwheel intelligent scooters, and ride them directly to your office. You deserve a good morning mood because you will work hard for a whole day.

Take a field outing far away from the boring city. In the weekend, there is nothing better than going for a field outing with your friends and family. Enjoy the time when you are free from the boring and repetitive city life. Also Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters will satisfy your needs. The high-tech Sony lithium battery cores inside the Airwheel products will provide you a travel range as far as 20 km. So make a small plan and enjoy a big weekend! 

Take Airwheel for a “distance” but convenient travel!

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