Airwheel R5 Smart Assist Electric Bike: Conveniences of a Car with the Benefits of a Bike

When speaking of electric bike, it is hard to describe what an electric bike is all about in quick ways. But the idea can come up with as: Electric bikes combine some conveniences of a car with the benefits of a bicycle. So does Airwheel R5 electric assist bike.

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With the convenient of a car and the benefits of a bicycle, Airwheel R5 electric powered bike is ready to hit the road for the commuter and daily riders.

Airwheel R5 foldable electric bike 

Convenience of a Car

With R5, you can get around quickly with no sweat. Portable and foldable, R5 allows riders wear the normal work clothes to work, or run errands around city without sweating all over. Airwheel R5 foldable electric bike makes it easier for daily errands. With the three riding modes, riders can take it as easy as possible and get around with little sweat in power assistance mode. When it is in cold weather, you can bundle up. Pedaling will help you get warmed up, but not too much sweat. R5 electric assist bike helps people enjoy the ride. R5, as an electric bike, can also help those disabilities who cannot drive a car to reconnect with the riding happiness.


Benefits of a Bike

One thing we like most about a bicycle is that it can go almost anywhere. Airwheel R5 citizen e bike can also do that. Thanks to R5, riders can choose the pathways which are not open to cars, bike paths and small streets that don’t have much traffic. Riders can get to the destination quicker by R5 than in a car owing to R5’s versatility. There is another way R5 can save you time and money. Simply folded, you can keep R5 at home. You can forget about the frustration of searching for a parking spot and potentially having to pay for it.

Riding R5, it is pretty nice to forget about traffic. Riding away from any of the major streets, you can plan your day avoiding the traffic jams. Enjoying a nice Airwheel R5 citizen folding electric bike riding in the open air, there is nothing so refreshing to have a ride on warm day. Any time you can enjoy the fresh air while gliding along on R5 is a good thing.

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