Airwheel R3 Smart Portable Electric Assist Bike Is Essential For Citizens

Indeed, cars are faster than other vehicles. But there is a “disaster” called traffic peak time. When the traffic jam comes, cars on the road are the most horrible memory for most people. Here comes the Airwheel R3 citizen folding electric bike to deal with it.

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The private cars products a huge amount exhaust gas into the air of city, aggravating the already-serious quality of air. For those motorist, most of whom are white-collars and going to work against time. They are often fed up with the lateness for work caused by the traffic jam. At the beginning of 2017, a kind of handy vehicle appeared in the market and appealed to a host of young men—Airwheel R3 electric assist urban bike.

Airwheel R3 Smart Electric Bike

One of the highlights of R3 electric moped bike is the three ride modes, namely man-powered mode, power-assisted mode and electricity-assisted mode. Riders are allowed to alter riding styles freely. Different from traditional motor cars, Airwheel R3 is fast yet foldable at the same time; so they can run on the on the sidewalks. There is no need to worry about that riders may run into somebody, because the controls of R3are very easy and sensitive. Riders are able to control it as easy as controlling their feet.

Airwheel R3 electric aided-bicycle

Airwheel R3 electric aided-bicycle can conquer the field with its powerful battery cores and motor and wheels with 14inch large hubs. Even on mud roads, slopes, and stairs, Airwheel R3 can also run fast and stable. 235W powerful hub motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking device to the wheels, offers more powerful and stable force. Airwheel R3 is also the suitable vehicle for park roads because itis small yet with strong manoeuvrability. Its folding volume can be stored into any corner of the house or car trunk.

Also, the battery unit of R3is replaceable, which makes long-distance travel be possible. The precondition is taking enough spare batteries. What if the cell phone, tablet PC or digital camera runs out halfway? Do not worry. Airwheel R3 has high-effect USB power supply connector, which is a big progress in intelligent electric bike sector. Airwheel R3 Smart Electric Bike, portable and fashionable is a better choice for people’s city transport. It makes city transport very simple.

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