Airwheel F3 Intelligent drone Is worth People’s Attention

It has been a month since the release of Airwheel F3. It is different from the Airwheel other models. Millions of fans are expected to scramble for this high tech gadget. All in all, Airwheel F3 is worth your attention.

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It has been a month since the release of Airwheel F3 unmanned aerial vehicle by Airwheel Technology. It is different from the other products in Airwheel. Millions of fans are expected to scramble for this high tech gadget. The most outstanding features will be talked about in the following parts. F3 accords with principles of ergonomics. Colourful life, unique colours, it is available in a choice of colours—bright white and pitch black. There is always one for you.

First of all, F3 is made of composite materials with such features as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance. Hence, it can not only protect the body, but also make F3 drone more beautiful and different. It is also adopted the powerful smart chip and branded lithium cell to realize long time duration of flight and accurate hovering.

Airwheel F3

Secondly, it omits a lot of driving parts, and makes the motor structure simpler, which greatly reduces friction. Airwheel F3 is easy to carry and easy to operate, either by sliding the screen to control or by somatosensory control. It realizes one key to land and one key to return. You can throw from hand to fly. More importantly, F3 is an automatic aerial photo UAV elf, with the 360°shooting function. The 4k resolution camera allows users to record the wonderful moments precisely and restore every frame clearly. Moreover, there are three different picture taking modes to make the process more exciting, say one-photo taking mode, time-lapse taking mode and continuous capture mode.

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Lastly, mini size and the more humanize design make Airwheel F3 easy to follow your move. Based on the electric energy calculation, in low battery, it will return automatically. Also, with the built function of GPS real time location tracking, if out of touch, Airwheel F3 will return automatically. With the ultra-strong performance, Airwheel F3 drone with camera can be your assistant in various ways. When you have experienced it in person, you will see the magic of F3.

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