Airwheel C6 Smart Motorcycle Helmet, A Wonderful Tool to Record Exciting Moment

As the name implies, Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmet is designed for motorcycling. However, it is more than a protector of head. It is also a camera, a music player and a call answering device. In exciting and thrilling motorcycle racing, C6 always can record every unforgettable moment. It is a great work that Airwheel is quite proud of.

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Speaking of daily motorcycling, riders need to wear special helmet. If it is racing, a professional helmet is a must. Recently, Airwheel has published a type of motorcycle helmet that is designed for both daily motorcycling and racing. It is named C6 motorcycle helmet. Besides protection function, it is also a camera with high resolution and large viewing angle. Moreover, it is also a music player and a call answering device. Its rich functions have been beyond people’s imagination. Undoubtedly, it is a successful work of Airwheel.

Airwheel C6 smart motorcycle helmet

Airwheel C6 smart motorcycle helmet adopts precise, exquisite and high-quality lens, which paves the way for high-contrast and high-resolution shooting performance. At the same time, its max internal storage is 128G and the max viewing angle is 120 degrees. Motorcyclists can record every moment in the journey clearly. The easy one-key control makes shooting at will. Even if in the racing, people can take pictures or videos. In addition, the built-in WIFI modules enable C6 to connect hot spot of mobile phone or indoor network. Then, people can share the wonderful pictures or videos with friends via kinds of social media.

Airwheel C6 smart motorcycle helmet

One key to answer the call is another great function of Airwheel C6 scooter helmet, which totally frees both hands but still ensures safe riding. The specially designed windbreak and denoiser microphone guarantees clear call quality. As motorcycling as wearing headphones to listen to music must be excellent experience. C6 made it because of the equipped Bluetooth speaker. When people are listening to music, they also can hear the external sound and are ready to deal with any emergencies.

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Meanwhile, the Bluetooth speaker is compatible with mainstream equipment. What is more, C6 supports non-net video all day long. In other word, it acts as a house security. If there are any abnormalities in the house, people will be noticed when they are back.

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