Air-Control Launches on Kickstarter

Air-Control delivers the power to instantly update apps without submitting changes to an app store. App developers and app owners can now update the look and content of an app through a web interface.  

Air-Control has launched on Kickstarter to raise £20,000 for the further development, research and testing of the product in BETA.

App owners can use the Air-Control content management tool anytime in the future to modify and publish changes to the app provided the relevant line of code is incorporated into the app before being submitted to the app store. 

Through Air-Control’s innovative mirror screen technology, live updates can be made to the app without submitting to an app store. Currently, the average iOS app store review time is 6 days, which can lead to unnecessary delays in the process of making aesthetic or content tweaks. 

Air-Control accelerates the app development phase as it simplifies prototyping, testing and sign off. Brand owners use the tool to instantly review changes to colour, user interface and text before submitting the final version.

There is a two-step process to set Air-Control up. First the developer installs the Air-Control library by adding one line of code into the app.  They then resubmit their updated app to the app store as normal. If the developer or app owner then wants to make a change, all they need to do is login to Air-Control and start-up the app on their personal device. The simple and intuitive web interface is designed to empower non-technical people to control, edit and publish app updates.

To enable live editing of an app, users authenticate their devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) with Air-Control. After logging into the authenticated device’s screen is mirrored in the web interface. This mirrored device screen is editable and enables users to make changes and apply them to the authenticated device. They can choose to submit these changes to all their users, applying the new changes immediately to all their users’ devices.

For more information or a demo, check out the Kickstarter here or contact the creators below.

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Phone: 020-3475-4112
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