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A multi-level creation made on a wall using Air Bricks
Air Bricks allow users to create floating Lego creations on walls, windows, doors, or anywhere flat. Easy to use and simple to install/uninstall, Air Bricks add a new dimension to playing with plastic construction bricks.

Imagine being able to build creative masterpieces on your wall using LEGO’s, Mega Bloks, or ANY plastic construction brick available on the market today. Imagine if these ideas didn’t have to be limited to two dimensions, but could be as you see them in your mind, and could be done easily. With Air Bricks, this is possible!

Air Bricks are, by far, the most innovative and creative accessory to enter the plastic brick market, holding a distinct advantage over anything currently available. With Air Bricks a user can build both out from the wall, and UP from their bricks! When creating with 3D shapes and building three-dimensional playscapes this is a GAME CHANGER! Why? Because current offerings in the market allow for one or maybe two bricks to be stacked onto a wall-damaging tape. If the user wants to build anything more, they cant. It will simple fall apart. Until now.

Using simple 3M Command strips, Air Bricks quickly and easily attach to any flat surface. Stick-the-clips, clip-the-brick, and you’re ready to build. When you want to move the Air Brick to a new location, pull the tab on the 3M strip and start building somewhere new. Simple, fast, and easy – with no mess, residue, or damage to your surface.

So, what can you build with an Air Brick? Can you build a roller coaster? Yes! Can you build a bridge? Yes! Can you build a multi-level LEGO house? Yes! What about a construction site complete with a functional crane? Yes! And you can build them anywhere, in any room, on any wall! Air Bricks allow users to truly explore their creativity and raise it to new heights. Our mission as an organization is to elevate the creativity of our end users, changing their perspective on what is possible with a toy they already have and already love.

Invented in the mind of a young boy, Air Bricks have risen from grass-roots 3D printing to full-on production scale and are ready for stock on retail shelves. Any consumer with a love of building using plastic bricks will immediately love Air Bricks. In fact, they already do! Air Bricks are available within the continental United States and through distribution in Australia.  

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