AIIR, a company widely renowned for its exploits in distributing gymnastics mats for gymnasts, athletes, sport lovers, home tumblers, gyms and gymnastic clubs now brings a novel innovation to the sporting world. This time around, the company introduces their inflatable mat named AIRTRACK to gymnasts and sport lovers in order to enhance their performance and increase their productivity. Airtrack, as an inflatable mat, has for over many years become one of the hottest products for gymnasts and everyone who loves the sport and seeks high performance as well. In order to make the AirTrack easily available for every gymnasts and tumblers, the company introduces a new webshop where inflatable mats can easily be viewed, accessed and preordered and purchased with just a click of the mouse. The new online shop which is aimed at reducing the middlemen problems and designed to showcase new and old mats and gymnastic items from Aiir to sports lovers, gymnasts and tumblers can be accessed through   

However, to satisfy many gymnasts and club owners scattered all over Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, the company has also gone an extra mile to create separate online shops which are to cater for people from the Scandinavian countries. For Norway, the online shop is  and for the people of Sweden, the online shop can be accessed through Also, for the people who are from Denmark can buy their AirTracks through

Aiir AirTrack which is an elegant mat pristinely designed for the love and passion for gymnastics and for increasing the overall quality of athlete and home tumbler performance has been duly created to help gymnasts achieve their goals and helps gymnastic clubs give people the true shape they really desire. Airtrack is a versatile mat for the home tumbler and the professional gymnasts all over the world. AirTrack is also a product which can help gymnasts reach milestones in overcoming challenges by presenting a safer base to practice and perform their flips and tricks anytime.

Unlike other inflatable mats designed by other companies, Aiir used a unique design that is highly bold and different from every other design in designing AirTrack. Also, another thing that distinguishes Aiir and its products from others, in the field of gymnastics kits design, is the fact that the company designs only complete kits and leaves no stone unturned to make gymnasts and air tumblers have the real kits that they truly deserve.

Furthermore, AirTracks have a versatile field of usage for every gymnast. Ranging from Gymnastics, Parkour, Martial Arts, Trampoline Parks, Senior Gym to home us and many other suitable activities which the kits and inflatable mats from Aiir can be used for.

Some of the highly coveted inflatable mats from Aiir which are primarily designed for gymnasts and professional tumblers include AirTrack H10 – HOME, which is available in 3,4,5 and 6 meter in length, AirTrack H10, H20 and H30 which is good for bouncing and jumping, AIIR – BlackTrack H30 which is the most bouncy and designed mainly for professional gymnasts and tumblers, AirBeam which is the perfect tool for safe practice of beam exercises. AirBeam comes in two different lengths: 3 and 5 meters for sporting pleasure of gymnasts and tumblers. It is certain that any of these inflatable mats will make every gymnast achieve their goals and make every home and professional tumbler reach the ultimate performance level which they so desire.

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