Aglaia Software turns the popular TV series into an app

The Tales of Donkey Ollie is a popular series on television which is now converted in to an easily downloadable mobile app by Aglaia Software Company. The Donkey Ollie series is a series of 40 children stories based on the well known children’s character Donkey Ollie.

The app consists of the Stories from the Donkey Allie series which is not only entertaining but also informative to the children.  The first of the series in the app that is ‘The ten commandments’ is a quite interesting yet simple way for the children to learn about god’s Ten Commandments from the perspective of Donkey Ollie and his brothers.

The other series named ‘Names of God” will help the children to learn about various names of gods like ‘Alpha and Omega’, ‘The good Shephard’, ‘Heavenly Father’, ‘The Creator’, and much more. The children can have very good insights about god through this which will help them to follow a good path in life.

Another part in the series named ‘Lord’s Prayer’ is a collection of stories which covers ten parts of the Lord’s prayer which will help the children to recite and remember the prayer’s at an early stage.

The fourth of the series is the ‘Miracle of Jesus’ part which consists of ten stories consisting of the details of the miracles done by Jesus during his time of Earth.

The application is expected to be quite popular among the followers of the Jesus Christ and the parents who want to teach their children about Jesus Christ and The Holy Bible in a simple and entertaining way.

Moreover, it is available for free on Google play store for downloading. It has also received great reviews from the users; one of the users Danielle Alan said, “I love the Donkey Ollie series very much but my favorite is the books of series 4 with the miracles of Jesus and book 5 in the series which is Curing On The Sabbath cause I too believe in doing good everyday these are truly great books to teach kids right from wrong.”

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