After Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat here comes the new kid on the block: Champic!

This year you can even win a money prize with your Christmas Tree photo!

Champic is the latest sensation in the world of social media apps that allows the user to win prizes and experiences on getting maximum votes on their pictures. Now you can even win a big cash prize with your Christmas Tree.  The app that gained instant popularity and trending in the app store in Europe with over 30,000 downloads is now available for the users in the United States. It is a one of a kind app that enables the users to post their photos in a wide range of categories and get votes from other users. It is possible to see the rank or position of your picture compared to others in real-time in different contests.

“To see the real-time rank of your pictures is something different and so much fun! Our users love it! We wanted to fill a gap with Champic” Says Champic’s co-founder Victor Toth. “The fact that people are getting a little bit bored by Instagram and Facebook and the problem that users can not win actual prizes (only get likes) needs to be solved”.

With this new social media app, likes are a thing of the past as the users can now get votes on their pictures. The life cycle of your uploaded picture is much longer on Champic since they are included in a contest category where people vote on photos all day for a period of at least 30 days not only 1-2 days (think about likes on Instagram). Champicers should get ready to get a much bigger amount of impulse on their pictures then elsewhere. Users can join a number of different contest categories or create their own and invite the other users to participate in it. The app provides a convenient platform for Champicers to win prizes and get international recognition (just imagine Instagram with a Hall of fame best photo section with prizes). To use the app, the user can simply create their profile, upload his or her picture to the contest, wait for the votes or vote on others, claim their prize and be included in the Hall of Champions.

“Life is too short to store static pictures on your phone or collecting them just for memories. With Champic these pics get “dynamic life” after uploading and can collect real votes reflecting feelings of other users somewhere on the globe. The prize is just the cherry on the cake” Says Szabolcs Pinter, Champic’s co-founder.

Champic offers three different labels for your pictures (Contests, Challenges and Missions).  After logging in, the user will be able to see a list of contests such as The most beautiful Christmas tree, Ms. Champic, Mr. Champic, Dog Fools, Crush on Cats, King of Sports, World Traveler and more. Contests and missions now include the “Fitting Room Contest” where users need to post pictures from the fitting room of any store and they can win the dress or shoe on the picture” The user can upload a picture based on the contest, for instance in the beautiful Christmas tree category, they can upload pictures of their tree and win $250. The “Champions” menu shows the list of former winners, their prizes and acts as a Hall of Fame on Champic.

The app also allows the users to view notifications, messages, and progress regarding the contest they have participated in. Champic app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play store

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