Adventurous Dragon Helps Kids with Cancer

Enter the hero — meet Purpee The Purple Dragon. This new children’s book series is set to inspire kids across the US (and worldwide) while allowing kids with pediatric cancer to live vicariously through an adventurous purple dragon and his friends. Purpee is ready for action and just needs a little help… From you. That’s where this new Indiegogo crowd-funded campaign comes in.

His action-packed adventures will be enjoyed by all kids – but especially by children battling cancer at hospitals in the US. These kids will also be asked to tap into their own imaginations and let the author know what Purpee’s next adventures should be about. “We will encourage their imaginations, collect their ideas, and even have them create some of the scenes, just like my seven year-old daughter did.” explains dad of three and author Anthony Fasano.

The stories began as a fun way to get his young kids ready for bed. They loved them and kept asking for them. His daughter helped develop the first two stories, which are now ready for production. Purpee the Purple Dragon is the main character but he gets into mischief with plenty of friends including Stinky the Skunk, Shelly and Sunny – sister and brother twin turtle’s, and Smoky the Dragon who can be found accompanying Purpee on adventures. The plan is to send as many books as possible to as many hospitals as possible. Friends and family will read the stories with the children while encouraging them to send in their own thoughts and pictures for future Purpee adventures. Even confined by illness, their imaginations can take flight. The series will also become a living legacy.

Future stories will be dedicated to the kids who helped create them. Their spirit of adventure will live on through Purpee and his friends. Purpee and his buddies will be able to create a magical world for those inside the hospital.

Get ready for plenty of perks for donors with big hearts – every dollar counts. Rewards start at just five dollars. For $10 you can score a Purpee dragon hologram book mark. Other perks include t-shirts for young fans along with your very own ‘hot off the press’ autographed copy. The bigger the donations the further Purpee and his team will travel. Donations make the books available for free to kids who need it most, and will help send Purpee and his pals to even more hospitals across the US. Help make Purpee a truly national sensation. Share the campaign links with all your friends and family. This awesome adventurous little dragon deserves to be shared. Each click helps bring Purpee’s adventure to as many sick kids as possible. The hope right now is for 2,500 copies to be printed. Check out details including the 12 hospitals that Purpee’s team will be visiting and all the perks for donations on Indiegogo’s Purpee The Dragon campaign.

Keep the adventure going! Follow the links for updates, colourful characters, and pictures of some of the inspiring kids they are meeting at hospitals across the country. 

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