Advantages of ECO-solvent ink used for producing the cheap canvas prints

April 09, 2014-China-The china canvas prints from XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD are all produced by ECO-solvent ink which is also known as the Light solvent ink. This is one kind of low-solvent inks which have big difference with the traditional solvent-based inks and water-based inks. What are the advantages of this kind of ECO-solvent ink? This issue could be certainly concerned by most of consumers who want to purchaser or wholesale the canvas prints from XIAMEN CJ PRINTS. Today, the editor from this professional China supplier will introduce with people the features of these three sorts of inks which are used for producing the canvas prints.

The main features of water-based ink could be concluded into low cost, no pollution, colorful and others. However, as its main ingredient is water, the evaporation speed of this kind of ink is very slow. On the other hand, as the water-based ink is easy to dry and be absorbed by the media, it could be mainly used in media which has the special coating medium or other fiber surface. As the poor weather bearing performance, this kind of ink could be mainly used in indoor environment. However, the editor from famous canvas printing online supplier said that the ECO-solvent ink they used does not have this shortcoming.

The main component of the solvent-based ink is the organic solvent, which are generally the esters and ketones solvents. These solvents could combine with the medium in the process of painting so the solvent-based ink does not require the medium which has special coating surface. That is why this kind of ink can meet the requirements of high speed printing. But the biggest problem of this sort of ink is the environmental protection because the organic content of this sort of ink is high,

Compared with the solvent-based ink, the biggest advantage of eco-solvent inks is the friendly environment feature which could be mainly due to the reducing of VOC and no longer using many toxic organic solvents. After the application of the weak solvent inkjet, the art studio of XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD no longer needs the ventilation equipments. The most important point is that the clients who purchaser the canvas prints which made by this kind of eco-solvent ink will not be injured by the harmful tradition ink. On the other hand, when it is compared with the water-based ink, the low-solvent inks maintain the advantages of water-based inks’ high precision screen but also to overcome the harsh requirement of water-based ink to the painting medium ( Thus, low-solvent inks which is also known as the eco-solvent ink also has the advantages of solvent-based inks and water-based inks.

According to the above description, people should know about why the cheap canvas prints from XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD could maintain this high level.


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