Advantages and disadvantages of the advertising Feather Flags

Nov 18, 2014 – China – As one of the excellent advertising medium, the Feather Flags which are one sort of custom printed flags have already been used in a variety of outdoor activities, sports events, businesses promoting activities including exhibition, new conference, product promotions and others. The following description will give people fully review about the advantages of disadvantages of the Custom Feather Flags Cheap.


The feather flags could be installed on the lights on road so it could directly spread the advertising information among these audiences.

The feather flags own strong and lasting impact to these advertising audiences. Imagine that each side of the highway billboard has been installed the feather flags with related advertising information. This environment firstly gives people the harmonious ad neat visual senses and then reached the spectacular beauty on the psychological area, causing further strong impact. At the same time, as the feather flags are installed on the road light, it could play the advertising effect during the day and night.

Feather flags could easy to set up brand advertiser effect during short period of time. As the unique advantages of the feather Custom Motorcycle Flags, it could create visual impact to their audiences by easily daily eye contact during long period of time. After the daily long time contact, the subconscious of the audience will establish the related brand awareness of the advertising. That is why this product could rapidly enhance the advertisers brand awareness and promote advertising effectiveness of related advertising products.


People should know clearly that the feather flags also have such disadvantages.

Firstly, the feather flags have been limited by the media sizes so the advertising content will also be limited at the same time. If the clients want to achieve the detailed expression of advertising content on the small feather flag, it will cause into some side effects, such as too much text and so on.

Second, if the advertisements on the feather flags want to achieve good advertising effectiveness, the advertising flags should reach to relating demand for certain number and size. Then, the cost will have greatly increasing as the increasing of the number of flags

Each client should firstly carefully program their advertising scale and the number of custom printed flags they need. After the confirmation for this point, the ordering for the related number of flags could be raised into the Agenda.

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