Adu ayam game or cockfight available online for indonesian people to enjoy

A new website release about online gaming in entertainment industry. Cock fight, a traditional Balinese game now available online for Indonesian people to watch.

Jakarta – 16 Sep, 2015 – Cock fight was originally come 6000 years ago from Persia, where people who loved to see the cock fight each in UFC style. According to wikipedia world first documented cockfight was in 1646 in the kingdom of Taytay.

adu ayam games online

The game it-self used a special trained and special bred cock and it’s a game about how to maintain stamina and strength between birds.  There are a few variation in between country.  Cock fight in Indonesia was an old tradition in balinese hinduism and become one of favourite game among indonesian people. In Indonesia, they call it Adu ayam or sabung ayam is used to be a ritual to expel evil spirits as a form of sacrifice. But in time as people become more and more modern, this cock fighting game become one of entertainment among Indonesian people.

With the time comes, Internet become an easy platform to enjoy this cultural tradition performance. One of the website is called the is one of the platform or one of the agen sabung ayam for indonesian people to watch and enjoy the actual chicken fight online in front of computer, starts from 8am in the morning. This website also provides a signup bonuses, promo, and online betting as well.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson of agen adu ayam said that they creating this platform to help people who don’t have time and want to enjoy the cockfight in the convenience of their own home.  They also provide a betting service for anyone who wants to place bet on their favourite bird in live show using a video streaming service.

The betting process it-self is very simple, the player only need to choose between Meron or Wala in the betting platform. It’s more like a baccarat game in casino where player put their bet on banker or player. The look and feel it-self inside the platform look like an online baccarat game system that provide history, red blue colour and a tie bet system.

About “Adu Ayam”

‘Adu Ayam’ is a new platform in online betting and online platform to watch cock fight live. Based in Jakarta, this company want to gather all indonesian who loved cock fighting game to join the community.

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