Adam Hunter’s 3rd CD “Still Broke” produced by David Drozen for Uproar Comedy

“Still Broke” is Adam Hunter’s 3rd CD produced by David Drozen for Uproar Comedy.  It was recorded live at The Comedy Underground in Seattle, Wash. Adam, a talented performer, and writer who has performed all over the world is one of today’s hottest young comedians.  He is brash, deep and hilarious. An integral part of the MMA Circuit; a recurring guest on ESPN’s SportsNation; and multiple TV appearances have generated a fan base of more than 100,000 listeners/month.

“Still Broke” has every kind of joke, from cheeky wordplay to raunchy overshares, referencing anything from Bill Cosby to enhancement pills. There are no sacred cows, no ceremony to stand on, no time to explain the humor and no effort to assess the damage. Adam employs the law of averages, or more aptly, the LOL of averages. His satirical chutzpah is framed by endurance. Adam Hunter is focused. After a joke, he’s on to the next one (and the next one). There’s pace and perseverance as Adam Hunter goes against the grain. Cringe, groan or scoff as you may, the funny keeps coming… towards you, for you.  

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Not for the faint of heart is an understatement!. “Still Broke” doesn’t ask for permission nor does it beg for forgiveness. Adam isn’t afraid to voice brutally honest resentment towards his newfound marriage, roast his audiences’ appearance, or embrace taboos. He is an absurd, ballsy, one-of-a-kind smart aleck. Knowingly glib, Adam uses stereotypes and sensitive topics as a launchpad for brash imagination. He invites the audience to respond to his problematic playfulness. Adam walks that fine line between provoking outrage and offering refuge and camaraderie in his very outrageousness.  

Adam Hunter is not for everyone; the great ones never are!   But there is no denying the funny or the talent that created it! “Still Broke” provides waves and waves of deviant debauchery by a master of one-liners.  Eventually, it’ll get you, by shock or by wit or by unflinching realness. It’s only a matter of time.

“I am so excited about dropping my new Album. This is the best thing I ever made – not including my daughter who drops in July,” says Hunter.

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