Actor Dave Bresnahan Co-stars in Not Funny a Safety Film the Police are Showing to Utah Students

Dave Bresnahan is an actor, filmmaker, voice over artist, and book narrator.
Actor Dave Bresnahan has been in many movies and television shows, but says his performance in a safety film now being shown to middle and high school students is his most rewarding project.

Sandy, Utah – Actor Dave Bresnahan says it is rewarding to appear in a film designed to make an impact for the better in the lives of Utah middle and high school students.

The film is called Not Funny, and is being shown to students throughout Utah and around the country. It is available for the public to view online

It tells the story of a teenager who suffers sever consequences for his actions when he posted a picture on social media that he thought was a joke, and would impress his friends. Instead, the selfie he took of himself holding toy guns was perceived by some students as a threat, and he ended up in jail.

Bresnahan plays the role of the boy’s father, who is at odds with the police and school administration. He said he was honored to donate his time to be in the film because it is intended to help change young lives for the better.

“I welcomed the opportunity to participate in a project like this because it will change lives. It was made by the Unified Police Department and is called Not Funny. It is now being shown to middle and high school students throughout Utah to hopefully prevent them from making a mistake that could damage their lives,” said Bresnahan.

Most recently he has appeared in six episodes of the first season of the CW Network television series The Outpost, and even filled in as the set medic for several episodes because of his skills as an EMT. He says he is grateful the needs for a medic were only for very minor things.

He also narrated Invaders, a short film that warns people about the various invasive species that are negatively impacting Utah, and he narrated the book 911 First responders at Ground Zero.

Bresnahan has been selected to appear in the TV-mini series Recovery in the role of Dr. William Huffy, who discovers there is a better way to help the people in his addiction recovery group. It will begin filming soon.

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