AceOpto Launched P2.5 flexible LED Display Module

What is the smallest pixel pitch of flexible LED display so far? 4mm? 3mm? No, it’s 2.5 mm.

Days ago, AceOpto, a professional LED display manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China, launched its latest product, P2.5 flexible LED display. This makes the 2.5mm is the smallest pixel pitch for flexible LED display which can be produced in bulk.

P2.5 flexible LED module

This new version of LED module is 120mm in width and 240mm in length.

compared with the P4 and P3 flexible LED display that the company has mass-produced before, the main improvement of this P2.5 flexible LED module is its pixel density. Here is the data as follows,

* Pixel density of P4 flexible LED display is 62500 pixel/sq.m

* Pixel density of P3 flexible LED display is 111,111 pixel/sq.m

* The P2.5 flexible LED module has a pixel density of 160,000 pixel/sq.m, an increase of 156% compared to the P4 flexible LED display, and a 44% increase compared to the P3 flexible LED display.

In addition to a significant increase in pixel density, AceOpto also improved the adhesives between rubber soleplate and the flexible PCB, thus completely avoiding the sticking issue that may happen in the long-term high-temperature environment.

Compare the traditional solid LED display, the LED display which made of AceOpto’s flexible LED display has the advantages as below,

* Smoother. The curved LED display made of flexible LED module is much more smoother than the curved LED display that made of solid LED module.

* Lighter. The LED display made of AceOpto’s flexible LED module is less than 20kg/s.m in general, while the traditional LED display is often more than 60kg/sq.m

* Easy to install. Thanks to the magnetic structure of the flexible LED module, the installation of the flexible LED display can be done without a tool, it’s JUST-STICK.

* The Last but the most important. Because of the flexible feature, many kinds of creative and unique LED display can be made of the AceOpto’s flexible LED modules.

To watch a video of the P2.5 flexible LED module on YouTube, please click the link as below:

As the creator of this flexible LED display and module, AceOpto has been dedicated to the development and production of LED displays for many years and has achieved outstanding results. The company’s products are sold to more than 60 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, and the European Union. The main products currently produced and sold by the company include LED billboard, LED video wall, LED Taxi sign, etc. If you are interested in their products or have any questions, you can contact AceOpto by the info as following,

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