Abraham Enterprise Releases Info On The Importance Of Videos In Google Search Results

Have you ever wondered how websites make it to the top of the Google search engine? Perhaps you have a business or a blog or a website and want to move up the search engine rankings but aren’t sure how to get there. Well in order to succeed you need be in touch with all the latest trends, especially with what Google sees as being trendy.

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Social media today has surpassed just about every form of advertising, and because of that whatever is ranked highest on Google has some sort of picture or video included. Google loves to show videos in their search results because that is what gets the most hits.

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With all sorts of advanced media today and devices that offer instant playback, it is no wonder why Google prefers to have videos high in their rankings. Today it is much easier to play a video, even from countries all over the world. In today’s instant world bandwidth is much cheaper and we can communicate easier through video than ever before.

No longer are we a society that is interested in plain old written information. In the past it was all about the newspaper and books, but today it is about pictures and videos. If you have a good video instantly your website can zoom up the Google rankings. Most people today carry around a smartphone or an iPad which makes it very easy to get instant access to these videos. The quality is quite good too, which makes it that much more important.

Let’s face it, videos today are what sells and social media is all about being visual. With so many devices such as tablets, smartphones and portable laptops, you can get information everywhere and at all times during the day.

Videos that show up in Google search results are usually the most searched for on that day, so it doesn’t take you very long to realize what is trending at that very moment. Pay close attention to trending Google videos, and you will succeed in your marketing endeavors.

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