Abraham Enterprise Releases Info On How Do Videos Help Drive Social Media Traffic?

Have you ever wondered how videos help drive social media traffic? If you have ever been on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, there is a pretty decent chance that some of the people on your friends list have shared videos to their pages that they thought were funny, informative or entertaining in some way. You have probably watched some of the videos your friends have shared.

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Imagine one person who has at least 500 friends on Facebook chooses to share a video they like on their page. Hundreds of people may see and watch the video. And, if they enjoyed it as much as the person who shared it before them, they might choose to share it with the people on their friends list too. The sharing continues on and on, which ultimately makes a video go viral.

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If you create a video with amazing content, and there are a lot of people who find it interesting enough, you will soon notice people sharing it. As those shares continue over the next few days and weeks, you will probably receive many new followers from different people who want to know more about you. They may want to see if you are posting any other interesting or funny videos they could watch and share on their pages, but they may also want to find out about your business.

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Videos are much more engaging than plain text, which is why they are often used to drive social media traffic. Do you prefer reading lengthy articles or watching video that you can relate to?

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Even though articles are great to read, nothing beats watching a video that tells a story, makes you laugh or actually teaches you something you did not know. If you are looking for a way to gain more social media traffic, consider making videos because they do work.

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