While most heat and cold escapes through the ceilings and walls, under floor insulation also has an important role to play.
As far as thermal efficiency goes, wall and roof insulation are by far the most popular home insulation products, and not without good reasoned – combined, the roof and wall areas probably account for over 70% of a buildings heat loss. But underfloor insulation also has an important role to play.

Pricewise Insulation is Australia’s leading online retailer of thermal and acoustic insulation. They recently sold GreenStuf underfloor insulation rolls to a customer in Sydney, to be installed by a professional insulation installer. Interested in some honest feedback on the outcome, Pricewise conducted an interview on the whole experience. Following is a summary of the interview:

Q: What made you decide to invest in underfoor insulation?

A: The house we’d moved into had a very raised underfloor, and was quite chilly to walk on even when the rooms were warm. That, together with the fact that we’d done some research and knew that underfloor insulation can help to reduce our energy costs.. resulted in our decision to go for it.

Q: How did you experience the process of getting the insulation delivered and installed?

A:  This was actually quite easy. We knew a good insulation installer, so we measured up the floor area, order the insulation roles to be delivered to our door, and booked the installer for the following day. It took him less than a day to insulate the entire underfloor area.

Q: Was there much difference did you notice before and after?

A. Definately. Most of the internal heating in our home comes from the wood combustion heater in the living room. This creates a lot of heat, the lounge room and adjoining rooms are comfortably warm, while it’s on. But what was interesting to note was the difference in floor temperature from close to the heater and further throughout the house. Close to the wood combustion heater, the floor quickly warmed up and remained warm. However in the rooms furthers from the source of heat, the floor was noticably cooler, despite the insulation. Presumably, if we had heaters running in those rooms also we would have noticed a similar effect to the main living area. 

The conclusion then? Underfloor insulation is not a replacement for a heater, but where heaters are in use, it definately helps to ensure that as little heat as possible escapes through the floor.

About Pricewise Insulation:

Pricewise Insulation sells thermal and acoustic insulation batts to all capital cities and many regional centres in Australia. Their key brands include Knauf Earthwool, Pink Batts, GreenStuf, Bradford Gold Batts and Kingspan’s hi-performance insulation products.

Pricewise supplies ceiling insulation, wall insulation, underfloor insulation and reflective foil at wholesale prices to the commercial and home builder market.

In addition to their own insulation warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, they also have an extensive network of partner suppliers throughout Australia.

To learn more about Pricewise Insulation visit their website here: https://pricewiseinsulation.com.au

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