Aboriginal Communities Gain Access to Health, Safety & Security Training and Jobs through an Agreement between NG Associates Inc. & Domcor Health Safety & Security

Halifax, NS, Canada (May 12, 2014)NG Associates Inc. (NGAI) announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Domcor Health Safety & Security Inc. to market its onsite health, safety & security training programs.

Domcor is a premier provider of fully integrated Health and Safety Services, including First Aid, Traffic Control and Security solutions throughout Canada. Domcor offers community-based training in all aspects of a health and safety program, delivered locally or globally. They work your hours, at your location and convenience. Domcor brings its proven industrial training programs, including first aid training and confined space training, to wherever you are in the world.

“We are very happy to have entered into an Agreement with NG Associates Inc. (NGAI) to have them represent us in marketing our onsite health, safety & security training programs. We have enjoyed a great deal of success in British Columbia and we believe that bringing NGAI in as a partner will give us the across-Canada reach we are looking for,” said Debbie Shea, Vice President Operations/ Aboriginal Liaison.

Shea continues; “This opportunity is in line with our approach to make courses and jobs available to as many Aboriginal communities across Canada as possible. Our approach sees us partnering with an Aboriginal group to fill the needs of industry working in its area of the province. The new Joint Venture (JV) company will be a majority Aboriginal owned company with Domcor providing the training, supervision, uniforms, etc. and the Aboriginal group providing the labor and the on the ground support for the new company.

This partnership provides the Aboriginal group with a new source of revenue while providing jobs for its residents so it is a win/win for everyone. With billions being spent on new projects across Canada, there will be a demand for this type of opportunity in every sector of the economy.”

Howard Nash, President of NG Associates, says, “This partnership approach to training is a brilliant one and is in line with our approach to develop more new Aboriginal business opportunities across Canada and more jobs for Aboriginal communities. Empowering Aboriginals to start more business allows them to grow and create wealth for themselves.”

About Domcor

At Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc., we are all about service, a quality that can only be built on a foundation of experience, knowledge and practice. Our roots are in security and, as leading security experts, we saw a need for a quality, comprehensive training program for security, rescue and traffic control personnel. We develop client and industry-specific training program for our clients, and offer traffic control services and first aid services that you can trust. Domcor provides dependable security services to businesses in the private and public sector including our government contracts.

Since its inception, Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc. has built a team of professionally trained personnel, supported by state-of-the-art equipment. Our ability to zero in on our clients’ needs, then deliver meaningful, effective training programs is what sets us apart. Because we use the best trainers who are backed with industry experience, you can be assured that our own Health, Safety and Security staff is well-trained, effective and knowledgeable in each of their respective positions.

About NGAI

NGAI’s experienced Aboriginal associates provide; business consulting, program leadership, feasibility studies, project management, community development planning, environmental impact assessment, strategic assessment, business planning, project and program evaluations, training needs assessments, alternative dispute resolution, joint problem solving, negotiations with industry and government, conflict mediation, coaching and training, surveys & data collection, performance monitoring, internal reviews and charter development.

NGAI is also a registered Aboriginal company providing proposal assistance, IRB planning and management, supply chain management, supplier performance monitoring services to OEMs, matchmaking, business development, and contract and project management to SMEs on major Crown projects.

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Debbie Shea
Vice President Operations / Aboriginal Liaison
Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc.
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Telephone: 250-286-3163
Cellular: 250-713-9585
Email: debbieshea@domcor.ca
Website: http://www.domcor.ca

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