A Symbolic Demo-Rally of Pakistani Children Condemns Blasphemous Charlie Hebdo & Pays Tributes to Kouachi Brothers

Pakistani school-children hailing the names of Said & Cherif Kouachi, embedded with flowers and rose-petals.
The “Emblem-Demos” presented by the school-children mark conclusive condemnations for tarnished Hebdo and pay deep-felt compliments to Kouachi brothers’ Historic Sacrifice!

A symbolic demonstration has been made by children from different schools of Lahore, accompanied by their teachers, parents and other sentinels from different walks of life. The emblematic indicative gathering was billed to denounce the French publishers’ blasphemy as well as to pay tributes to the two French martyrs; the assassins of the blasphemers.

The emblematic assembly, though comprised of small children, is enough-indicative for their true deep-seated feelings on both thematic sides of the subject under focus.

The children presented symbolic emblem-marks to condemn the notorious Charlie Hebdo as well as to pay tributes to the two French Martyrs; Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi, who are responsible for the making shot-dead of the responsibles of the blasphemous acts.

The motif-marks were bearing the name of Charlie Hebdo marked by spikes and nails as a thematic demonstration for what the publishers are proceeding for, whilst the names of martyrs were signposted by roses, sun-flower petals and other flowers.

The symbolic event by Pakistani children honored the fearless and courageous step taken by the two brothers, that became spotted-on later as a timidly ‘righteous act’ on face of the subsequences of coming days, and has been endorsed by present situation of the attack’s aftermath.

Charlie Hebdo publishers are notoriously well-known and tarnished group for ingratiating wide-reaching haters and worldwide polemic-disputes by satirical attacks on the religion.

Children also vocalized “Death to Hebdo Publishers” and “Long live Kouachi brothers”, and kissed the names of the brothers who carried out the murders of the blasphemers. 

“A strong message was needed and they delivered it”, says a banner raised by the children at rally.

The demonstrations of demos were led by S. Hassan Shah Bukhari Sabiri, who asserted that, “Neither of the two brothers have been ascertained to have any well-provable linkage to ‘terrorism’ so far…what they did, holds fast definite basis, for which numerous precedencies can be cited, even from the recent history of  the western civilization”.

School children chanted slogans to praise Kouachi brothers and strongly denounced the Hebdo publishers for their blasphemies.

Similar memorial services have been held at different places of the world, and have been widely cited by international news dispatches like AFP, The Peninsula, Washington Post, Washington Times etc.   

It’s particularly worth-noting that, nevertheless, presented by small children, the emblem-demos were conclusively well-indicative of the deep-seated anger for the French publishers.

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