A Senior Professor From Virginia’s Largest Public Research University is Supporting Exxor

Exxor is The Future of Cryptocurrency & This Emerging Currency For IoT Has Immense Future Potential

October 12, 2017 – Leading Professor from Virginia’s Largest Public Research University, Dr. Foxwell has recently backed Exxor. Exxor is an all new and emerging cryptocurrency for the Internet of Things or IoT and it has a great potential of changing lives around the world. Moreover, Exxor is a London-based company and it has been supported by many industry experts so far. The company is currently welcoming new investors and its Pre-ICO or Initial Coin Offering will end on Thursday, October 26th 2017.

Exxor is the idea of connection and technology that will enable companies to build a better future, grow their portfolio of clients, filled with higher level of security, connectivity, and total quality improvement.” said Dr. Foxwell, while talking about the emerging currency. “Currently, blockchain for internet of things cannot be used and that is exactly where Directed Acyclic Graphs Technology comes in.” he added.  According to the Professor, this technology enables seamless decentralized connectivity between IoT devices and zero fees on micro transactions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) comprises billions of devices that can sense, communicate, compute and potentially actuate. The data generated by the Internet of Things are valuable and have the potential to drive innovative and novel applications. It is expected that there will be over 30 Billion devices connected to IoT by 2020 and this means that this upcoming currency is going to have remarkable global implications.

In addition, Exxor uses Directed Acylic Graphs (DAG) instead of Blockchain and because this new type of technology has high scalability and implementation of securing offline and 0% fee transactions could be achieved. The POW required is simple enough that it doesn’t require miners for verification and thus there is zero fee on transactions. All Exxor tokens have already been mined, so no mining is needed. As every transaction approves two other transactions on the network, scalability increases with increasing activity on the network. Therefore, Exxor represents an important step forward in this process. Exonic Ltd aims Exxor to be one of the most technologically advanced frameworks for IoT on the planet.

For more information and to invest in this rising currency, please visit: www.exxor.org or contact via email: ico@exxor.com 

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