A Pre-Paid Credit Card That Helps Aspiring Home Owners Achieve Their Dreams Of Homeownership

“This would be a permanent home loan solution and will stimulate the economy for the people of this Nation”, said David Burton gleefully, one of the pleased members of GeniusCo-op™.
A simple solution to the challenges of receiving a traditional home mortgage—by investing in a GeniusCo-op Community

Miami, Florida, Tuesday, December 3, 2013– With the financial challenges that have presented themselves to Americans over the last several years many homeowners have had to foreclose their home, and many who had been saving to buy a home had to invest their savings elsewhere. This leaves many Americans giving up on the American Dream of homeownership—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In an effort to find an alternative to the traditional home mortgage process and high interest rates, the visionaries at GeniusCo-Op have created a multitude of solutions to give aspiring home owners an affordable and achievable way to obtain homeownership. In their unique cooperative communities, all homeowners enjoy interest free, tax free, and utility free homes that have no risk of foreclosure.

The business model at GeniusCo-Op is built around finding creative ways to generate revenue, such as earning funds from their Genius Pre-Paid Credit Card. By providing individuals with the convenience of a credit card, without the interest rates or risk associated with traditional credit cards, individuals who do not have access to credit cards or traditional banking get a secure way to manage their finances, for a one-time fee. On top of that their activation fee contributes to the unique GeniusCo-Op communities making it a win/win situation all the way around.

“Our vision for our GeniusCo-Op communities is to build environmentally sustainable communities, which give all individuals the opportunity to achieve the American Dream of homeownership. By thinking completely outside the box, and finding ways to create affordable living through innovative revenue streams—the American Dream can come true without being burdened by a mortgage, high interest rates, and ever rising property taxes.” GeniusZero Representative

To learn more about the benefits of having a GeniusZero Pre-Paid Credit card visit www.geniuszero.org To learn more about how you can achieve the American Dream of homeownership in a GeniusCo-op visit http://www.geniuszero.org/#!geniuszero-vs-bank-loans/c1y93


About GeniusCo-op

A National Housing Cooperative, GeniusCo-op specializes in generating real estate investment opportunities through membership programs. These are centered on the GeniusCo-op Luxury Lifestyle Solar Powered Lease to Own Communities. The company focuses on cost-efficiency by pooling the resources of its members, lowering the costs of products and services related to the community managed by experienced real estate professionals. The company is serving the entire nation with pride and success and wants to reach to every home buyer with their GeniusZero™ home loan programs.

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