A Peek Into World War III: After Eden Series To Launch Crowdfunding Campaign To Complete Sci-fi International Thriller Saga

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 1, 2014) − Hard science fiction, visionary sci-fi, dystopian fiction, and adventure sci-fi fans unite as Austin Dragon sets his sights to launching a crowdfunding effort, announcing its goal on popular pre-campaign site, Prefundia. Austin aims to raise funds to continue his After Eden series, which is under Well-Tailored Books Publishing.

In 2013 Austin released his first two books, “Thy Kingdom Fall” and “Stars and Scorpions.” The third installment, “Rising Leviathan,” is set to be released this May 2014. The After Eden series is a seven-volume set that links modern times and events to create a picture of how the future would become as it nears the end of the 21st century.

Austin raves, “This year, we will complete the next three books in the series and you can be a part of it!” He invites sci-fi fans to sign up on Prefundia and spread the word about his upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

The After Eden series begins in the year 2088, in “wonderful” Tek World characterized by its looming towers of glass and steel, where cars, roadways, and many devices are autonomously controlled by artificial intelligence. Cyborgs, robotic pets, and drones are commonplace. The citizens are Net-enhanced and are all under the watchful eye of the omniscient, omnipresent “Grid”. The saga is marching to World War III and, this time, this war is going to be one of religion where not only humans are involved, but also machines and “other things” lurking in the shadows. This looming war is also known as the first global war of the Tek Age, and After Eden explores a hell the world has never seen before.

In “Rising Leviathan,” the Russian Bloc is hosting an international summit at the Catherine Palace just outside Moscow, with the leaders of the three world superpowers: the American President, the President of the Chinese-Indian Alliance (CHIN), and the Emperor of the Supreme Islamic Caliphate. Suddenly, the Russian President dies at the summit, or was it murder? The rapid turn of events spiral into chaos which threaten both a civil war and a regional, international conflict.

The After Eden series is a thought-provoking sci-fi thriller saga that explores politics, religion and intrigue set over 75 years into the future. It intelligently links the events of the present world and paints a picture of how the world will become. In the series, readers follow the revelation of a wider conspiracy that is set all over the world—from America to Mexico, Australia, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. Political and religious twists and turns lead to the explosion of World War III on September 11, 2125.

Through the Prefundia project, Austin aims to build the “crowd” for the crowdfunding campaign. This move will help them run a first-rate marketing and publicity campaign to dramatically and significantly build their readership and fan-base. With this campaign, they can move towards completing the series to tell this epic story. The outcome of the campaign will also set the stage for their bigger, long-term plans that involve building a broader audience for After Eden and eventually bringing it to the screen as a sci-fi series.

“Everyone in movie and television is looking for content. Content is king!” Austin adds, “There’s no reason why we can’t see this sci-fi series move from the page to the screen and we can all see this ‘genesis of World War Three’ in living color.”

See their crowdfunding campaign here.


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