A new culture symbol of street-Airwheel electric unicycle-appears

Airwheel electric unicycle is always among an array of electric unicycles. X3 is a classic model of Airwheel electric unicycles.

These days, electric unicycles cropped up in the streets of many large cities. They come as a new cultural symbol of street. Steering electric unicycles, riders performs their fancy tricks, e.g. accelerating, decelerating, brake and the like.


Before aspiring to a veteran skill steering the electric scooter, one should own a set of high-performance electric self-balancing unicycle. In the fancy show of steering electric unicycle by each batch of riders, Airwheel electric unicycle is always among an array of electric unicycles. X3 is a classic model in the Airwheel electric unicycles, which the public surely have a little knowledge of. X3 is famously as stylish as easy to steer. 

The core intelligent tech is imparted to Airwheel X3, which is outfitted with a Sony lithium battery core. The battery of this type can be recharged for over 1800 times and its life is 3.8 times as long as the common one. Apart from these, the lithium battery prominently features quick charging, non-toxic and no memory, which ensures a long range. The tightly sealed design frees the device from dust and pollutants. X3 weighs 10 kg, lighter than the common competitors in the market do. In theory, it holds a top speed of 18 km/h. The specific top speed is subject to the terrains.


X3 serves as both the purpose of amusement and the purpose of transport. The electric scooter by Airwheel owns fourfold protection measures which means a lot to users. X3 is no exception. When the speed goes beyond 12 km/h, the front pedals will rise gradually, warning you not to speed up. On the X3, there are a string of 4 LED displays. Once the LED displays flashes, it means that X3 needs an immediate recharge. When the battery runs out, it is likely to cause riders to fell over in the street. The battery warning system does its utmost to shun this accident. This installation protects riders and pedestrians from hurt. 

High-performance and cost-effective, X3 is characterised by its value to money. Airwheel X3 is definitely an investment.

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