A Neverending Buzz You Can’t Ignore

Tim Farrow’s vegetarian adventure started forty years ago and led to experimentation with alternative approaches to diet and health. Tim let his body lead the way to health and happiness. Tim Farrow always marched to the beat of a different drummer. An avid outdoorsman, Tim embarked on a solo hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in California one year after becoming a vegetarian at age eighteen. While on the trail, Tim decided timing was right to eliminate dairy as well from his diet.

Now, Tim Farrow, at age 60, Tim is healthier, stronger and more active than ever before.  He spends most days either in a kayak, on a mountain bike or attacking his fourteen-piece drum set.  His pathway led to discoveries for himself that are just now being validated by medical science.  Many of his habits and techniques have progressed from fringe notions to more conventional wisdom over the last two decades.

Farrow says, “You can truly have it all and realize your full potential in life.  The Neverending Buzz will guide you on the path to age reversal so you feel more energetic, more fit and healthier than in your youth.  You will be peaceful and tranquil while at the same time experiencing virtually unlimited energy and endurance.  It’s true — YOU can have more of everything!”

In this book, readers will discover why physical and mental faculties degrade as we age and how you can make little changes to reverse the process.  The book includes information about substances that accelerate your body’s decline and solutions to help turn back the biological clock to get more out of every day.

“Life really is more fun when your body feels good.  If you are feeling the effects of aging then the time is now to find your more… more health… more youth… more sex.  Start your journey to The Neverending Buzz and live every moment to its fullest!” says one avid fan of Farrow’s method.

Tim found what works to enhance the Buzz and age in reverse. He has witnessed age reversal happening within himself and with his clients. Tim is living proof that advancing years can bring an advancing high. Experience is the only real knowledge.

Tim Farrow works with his clients to help them manifest the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that results in a reversal of the aging process from his base in Atlanta, GA.

Learn more about his services at http://ageinreversenow.com

The Neverending Buzz will officially launch on July 23, 2015 at http://TheNeverendingBuzz.com

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