A Multi-Level Immersive Performance Spring Extravaganza Going Down At House Of Words

PASSAGE 2 NO(W)HERE at the House of Words. Thursday, May 10th offers a unique combination of live entertainment and visual arts curated by Nikki Ortiz, Françoise Voranger, Cameron Finley and Daisy Press of Hybrid Movement Company, staged throughout an extraordinary four-story contemporary art gallery setting. Guests will be met with a different hidden experience in every room… acrobatics, dance, music, visual arts, poetry, puppetry, light, and color, as they are guided by The Fool from basement to rooftop into an unexpected journey of the Self.

“Creativity… It questions, It dares to unveil. It’s in action even when It means risk. It infiltrates preconceptions effortlessly. It shatters certitudes, it invents, connects, and inspires, It sparks new dialogues, It provokes, It shifts vantage points, It experiments and expresses. It’s fool of potential. Curious?” – The Hybrid Movement Company

House of Words

House of Words

This Spring extravaganza is going down at House of Words, a newly constructed text-art building in Bushwick, conceived by author Ariel De Lion. The property, which was originally created as a simple residential complex, has evolved into a compelling art and installation gallery, shifting blank architectural spaces into platforms of expression.

The four-story pop-up exhibition, curated by Art/Event Producer Jennifer Tone, features 24 international and local artists, and is infused with themes of sexual, emotional, and intellectual awakening. Guests are invited to harness a similar go-big-or-go-home approach in their attire, embracing the same Burning Man meets Renaissance level of creative liberation that is imbued throughout the House of Words.

Curated by Nikki Ortiz(in the picture), Françoise Voranger, Cameron Finley and Daisy Press of Hybrid Movement Company.
Curated by Nikki Ortiz (in the picture), Françoise Voranger, Cameron Finley and Daisy Press of Hybrid Movement Company.

“You Choose To Be Chosen” – Arielism

House of Words features a permanent exhibit by sculptor Khalil Chishtee, and a cast of Bushwick artists, designers, writers in the direction of DOMLO’s research into IntentioMagnetism. De Lion titled it House of Words as it is an ode to ‘the story’ – the one each of us holds and the one we are writing together.

Chief Officer James Arthur Vogel activating DOMLO, the Department of Odd Missions and Lay Offs at the opening.
Chief Officer James Arthur Vogel activating DOMLO, the Department of Odd Missions and Lay Offs at the opening.


Continual Exhibit by Sculptor, Khalil Chishtee, and Author, Ariel De Lion.

Pop-Up Art Exhibition Curated by Jennifer Tone Elisabeth Louy • Lynn Gentry • Lena Di • Alexandru Vijolan • Hannah Hill • Morgan Lang • Kurt Ritta • James Arthur Vogel • Derval Fairweather • Jaleeca Yancy • Chloe Louise Smith • David Block • Kristina Block • The Art Rising • Hannah Ross • HMN Creative • Julianne Irene • Olga Dobrowolska • Andrei Matorin • Tom Montagliano • dreeemy

Gallery Hours

Every Thursdays: 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Written by Jennifer Tone

House of Words

30 Belvidere Street

Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

About the Artists

Daisy Press, vocalist, was raised under the stage of a large-scale international rock and roll tour, and is now a prominent interpreter of experimental classical music in the US and Europe. Ms. Press was most recently featured as a soloist at the “Akademie Der Künste” in Berlin, singing the music of Bernhard Lang with Trio Amos. Her local appearances include a performance at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, delivering three of a series of Hildegard von Bingen’s “Ursula Songs.” As a passionate teacher, Daisy utilizes a powerful synergistic mix of Western classical/pop vocal technique, sound healing, and North Indian ragas to coax her students into a fully-embodied, joyful manifestation of their vocal, emotional, and spiritual potential.

Françoise Voranger is a performance artist, visual artist and content creator based in Brooklyn. Her recent works have been commissioned by New Victory Theater, Alice Tully Hall- Lincoln Center, Nelson Atkins Museum, Universoul Circus, and City Center NY (sponsored by Rolex/CTFD) amongst others. Françoise also performs as a guest with Cirque du Soleil, AntiGravity, Ann Marie DeAngelo and the House of Yes.

She founded Hybrid Movement Company and Creative Lab to facilitate performance, arts education, and A.I.R opportunities for local artists.

For more information, visit: http://www.hybridmovementcompany.com

Andrea Nicole Ortiz (Nikki) is an artist, contortionist, yoga teacher and designer currently based in Brooklyn. As a performer her work has appeared at The Brooklyn Museum, The Whitney Museum, Envision Festival and The House of Yes amongst others. She’s a collaborator at Hybrid Movement Company and Little Cinema. Nikki worked as a designer and project manager under the mentorship of Lucy Harris and Christopher Coleman, two well established NYC interior designers. As a teacher she combines elements from various traditions and styles of yoga. She focuses on spine flexibility and teaching people how to safely access their body’s range of motion.

For more information, visit: http://andreanicoleortiz.com/

Cameron Finley is a Brooklyn based maker and creative. He began acting at the age of three, and performed the role of “Beaver” in the cinema remake of “Leave it to Beaver.” Since then, he has studied genetic engineering, authoring 12 publications for science journals and developing novel disease-fighting drugs. He then combined his passion for entertaining with the love of science and engineering, studying puppetry under master puppeteer Daniel Fay. He currently creates puppets, moving art, installations, pinky size sculptures to three story monsters, jewelry, costumes, robots, video game design, complex narratives, as well as performs throughout New York.

For more information, visit: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0278026/

Photo Credit: House of Words

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