A Mix of Interesting Details Emerge from the Harris Lifestyle Poll for AnastasiaDate

The Harris Poll conducted for AnastasiaDate reveals some interesting facts about how women perceive men and cars.

Harris Interactive Inc., the market research firm known for the Harris Poll, has come out with some interesting data for the poll conducted on behalf of AnastasiaDate, the premier online international dating website. The results of the poll will prove to be very useful for online dating enthusiasts to fortify their dating and woo their matches more effectively.

The Harris Poll report on women and their attitude towards cars has provided some interesting information that can help single men find out more about how to impress women,” says AnastasiaDate’s Chief Communication Officer, Lawrence Cervantes. “The results gave us some insight into what women think of men and their cars. The survey revealed key facts such as the type of cars men drive and how they influence the thinking of women on their first date.”

The Harris Poll for AnastasiaDate is a real eye opener on what gets a woman interested in a relationship. The survey showed that women believe a man’s character is revealed to some extent by the type of car he drives. While 48 percent of women think a man’s car says a lot about his financial situation, 46 percent of women surveyed believe that the car a guy drives reflects his image.

The Harris Poll further reveals that 56 percent of women see men zipping around in fast, fancy cars as arrogant and show offs. Men who drive flashy cars are also seen as insecure by as many as 17 percent of women, while 32 percent of women think that the car that a man drives can show what kind of family man he will be.

Surprisingly, only a fifth of women surveyed by the Harris Poll decide whether a man is attractive or not after they see the car he drives. The survey also points out how women perceive a man to be in bed according to the type of vehicle he drives. Here, the truck scores higher than a sports car followed by a family car with the bottom rated as the SUV.

Another interesting fact revealed by the AnastasiaDate Harris Poll survey is that four in 10 women think men buy expensive cars to make up for their lack of manhood. Perhaps, the most valuable piece of data thrown up by the survey is that a majority of women think that a man who picks up his woman on their first date in his car is a true gentleman. 

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