A Complete Solution for Improving Women’s Bone Health

NatruCal: A Womens Calcium Supplement for Optimal Bone Health & Density
NatruCal is a synergistically formulated Calcium supplement that is design to deliver the optimal dosage of Calcium to the female body along with Calcium’s essential co-factors.

Made from all natural ingredients and specifically designed for women, NatruCal is formulated with Eggshell Calcium, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, and HMR Lignans. These ingredients are essential for the female body to receive, absorb and utilize calcium for optimal bone health and density. NatruCal was specifically designed for women, the largest sufferers of bone density issues and osteoporosis.

NatruCal is formulated with eggshell calcium, a naturally occurring source of calcium carbonate found in eggshells. Eggshell calcium has been found to be an ideal source of calcium due to its optimal absorption and content of naturally occurring protein transporters and trace minerals, all of which aid in the absorption of Calcium within the body. It has also been found to have extremely low levels of heavy metals; which are common among other sources of calcium, such as algae based calcium and calcium from limestone. The formulation also contains the optimum dosage of calcium in order to prevent health complications associated with excessive calcium intake.

Vitamin D3 contained in NatruCal is known to be an essential co-factor for calcium absorption and overall bone health. It’s responsible for creating special protein transporters that assist in delivering the calcium throughout the body. Calcium cannot be fully absorbed and delivered to the body without Vitamin D3.

To transport the calcium to the other parts of the body, NatruCal includes ample amounts of Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 works in conjunction with Vitamin D3 to transport and deliver calcium by activating Vitamin D3 protein transporters.  Without Vitamin K2 the protein transporters created by Vitamin D3 cannot be activated.

NatruCal also works to modulate fluctuating estrogen levels with its content of HMR Lignans. Fluctuating estrogen levels are a root cause of bone density loss in women, due to estrogens role in bone density and health. It is important to note that HMR Lignans are not actually estrogen, they are versatile phytoestrogens that balance out hormone levels.

The composition of this calcium-based supplement shows that each ingredient plays a vital role in reviving the bones’ strength. Each ingredient plays a vital role in the overall health of female bones, making NatruCal a complete and synergistic solution for women’s bone health.

NatruCal is available for purchase on Amazon.com and BeWhole.com

To learn more about the formulation visit BeWhole.com

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