A Chinese Superlative Wedding in a British Royal Family Style

Changsha, China – July 06, 2018 – An array of six red-colored Rolls-Royce Phantom cars runs along the Xiang Jiang River in Changsha City of China. The passengers are neither billionaires nor politicians, but a newly wedded couple. Contrary to Western concept, the color red is symbolic of festivity which is often seen in such occasions as wedding and celebration and the number “6” stands for propitious.

Rolls-Royce has long been an exclusive vehicle for superlative wedding. Not long ago, in the British royal family wedding, the bride Megan took Rolls-Royce to arrive at Winsor Castle. What’s for sure is that Rolls-Royce is gradually becoming a hit in Chinese superlative wedding. 

According to public data, in Hunan province there are only 21 Rolls-Royce cars, none of which is red-colored. The cars in this array may come from different parts of the country. This wedding is luxuriously comparable to that of a British royal family.

Besides, the wedding is brimming with a sea of extremely joyous redness, from multi-layered decoration in red to the “Jin Liu Fu·Yi Tan Hao Jiu· Hong Tan“ on the tables. Meanwhile, tons of air-transported red roses brought not only extreme romance but also a festival climax to the wedding.

Different from western countries, the wedding ceremony and banquet take place simultaneously in China. Chinese spirit adds even more excitement to the wedding in which a bottle of wine in the name of “Jin Liu Fu·Yi Tan Hao Jiu· Hong Tan“ catches all the attention. Surrounded by the fragrance of wine, the newly wedded couple is conducting a Chinese traditional wedding ceremony of drinking cross-cupped wine, accepting blessings from relatives and friends.

So what is the cost for such a luxurious wedding? In reality, the couple cost almost nothing for this wedding because it is jointly sponsored by Chinese prestigious liquor brand—Jin Liu Fu and manufacturer of “Yi Tan Hao Jiu· Hong Tan“. Jin Liu Fu is publicly known as “Chinese Fu Liqur” that brings people luck and happiness. For most Chinese people, opening a bottle of “Jin Liu Fu” is symbolic of opening the door to happiness. The reason why the brand sponsors the wedding is that once in a wedding-related event the bridegroom proposed to the bride who later surprised him by saying yes. 

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