A Celebrated Magician Moves to Berlin

Caroline Ravn, a renowned magician who has struck the world like a storm has moved to Berlin. She arrived the city on Monday, July 4, 2016 and was well received by exultant fans who have been entertained by her magical ploys. With several National and International awards for her acts, including sold-out theatre in New York and an award for “Most Inspiring Person of the Year”, and her style of taking on stage with charm, humour and dexterity, she is sure to being a great satisfaction to German fans of magic. Her shows has been the most welcomed in her home country (along with many others), and the Berlin magic fans will be expecting lots of her known magic ploys, including her recently produced deck of cards called “The Ravn Playing Cards.”

Caroline Ravn loved magic from childhood and saw it as the most beautiful form of art. From learning to conjure from her grandfather, she realized that one can actually engage in magic full-time and grow in the art. With closely five put into this practice she has achieved great feat in the industry. A well celebrated TV performer, who has starred in most magazines, and other shows with great prizes won from even big competitions.

She is one of the few female magicians in the world who is still standing tall in her career with brilliant prospects; she has learned and worked with the world’s best in the field including Tom Stone, “Creative Fellow” of the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood. Caroline has earned enormous support over the years with thousands of fans.

She has bagged several awards including Entrepreneur Gala for being “The Most Inspirational Person of the Year”, Silver in the Swedish Nationals of Magic, Swedish Nationals, the Nordic Championships of Magic, and got headlined by a sold-out theatre in New York. Her personality in magic is a breath of fresh air. She gets the audience to question all their senses even as they laugh and scream.

About Her Magic Performance:

Caroline’s magic shows are captivating, she exhibits an indisputable confidence on any stage, and she is one of the successful female magicians available. Caroline Ravn is not only sought after in the country without reservation, but extensively around the world. She works often like a veteran magician, her show is one of Sweden’s most booked magic events for several other reasons.

Caroline Ravn shows will charm her audience with humour, elegance and not in the least of surety dexterity – in a unique twist. Her professionalism, skill and sense of service is hard to find elsewhere. Caroline Ravn is an award winning magician, to give any event a magical touch.

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