A Bright Future ahead for Airwheel Electric Scooter A3 with seat

On Airwheel New Product Release Conference held on June 18, 2015, the electric scooter A3 was introduced to the public, which turned out to be a groundbreaking product within the industry. With its unique features and powerful performance, A3 undoubtedly has a bright future ahead in the market.

In the 2015 Airwheel New Product Release Conference, a fabulous new model–A3 was launched, which is reckoned as the most innovative product within the industry nowadays. This is the first one member of the A-series by Airwheel. A3 has not only absorbed some elements of the previous series, but also undergone some significant breakthroughs, making it the leading scooter to usher consumers into a new era.

The first spotlight of the electric scooter A3 must be its sitting-posture riding mode. Different from the traditional standing mode, A3 allows the riders to sit on the saddle while riding, which relieves them from being exhausted. Besides, the saddle is set at a perfect height based on human body structure. Most of female riders are able to reach the ground when they want to stop the vehicle. 

In addition, its adjustable hydraulic suspension used for abating outside impact and vibration is another innovative feature of this self-balancing scooter. With the help of this shock absorber, A3 can ensure a much smoother ride for the users. Even if the road is winding and rocky, the riders won’t have to worry about anything but enjoy a comfortable ride on the scooter.

Last but not least, Airwheel has developed an exclusive mobile app for A3. The users can connect the intelligent scooter with their phones via app. After that, they are able to monitor all the data on the phones, including the real-time speed, the remaining power, etc. Moreover, they can control lots of functions such as position, brake and illumination via the app. For example, when they lose their electric scooter or forget where they place it, they can open the app and click the GPS. With the app, they will locate the position of the scooter easily and get it back. 

Without doubt, the electric scooter A3 is a successful attempt by Airwheel, which has led the industry to a new high. However, this is only a start. Beginning with A3, Airwheel will have more and more new exploration on the scooter technology.

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