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April 18, 2014-China-Through more than 14 years experience and accumulation of customers from more than 130 countries, the business of famous China 8d cinema simulator supplier Guangzhou Xindy Animation Technology Co., Ltd also has great expanding. As the introduction of engineer from this China manufacturer, the 5D movie as the latest fashion trend has a distinctly difference with the traditional movie. Its subversion could be not only reflected in its disruptive effects system the movie itself also has very big gap with the traditional 2D and 3D movie. Now, let the engineer from Guangzhou Xindy tell people all of these differences.

First, in order to increase the participation level, realism and excitement of audience, the general design of the 5D film should be the first person perspective so as to more easily to achieve the better interact with the film and the genuine effect 5D cinema equipment. Of course, there are some manufacturers for 5D cinema equipments directly use the 3D videos available on the market as the source of 5D movie and coupled with some simple action file. Although this matter can reduce the cost for development, it will affect the viewer experience.

Secondly, the displaying of the 5D movie has very strictly restrictions for the cinema system. Furthermore, the 5D movie making is a very costly development process so manufacturer’s 5D movie resources will be encrypted. That is to say manufacturer’s own 5D movie can only be played on its own 5D cinema equipment (www.7dcine.com). As the 5D movie does not only contain the movie file itself, there is also the corresponding action file. If there is no corresponding action file, 5D movie will become a common 3D movie.

The engineer from Guangzhou Xindy which is the famous China supplier for 5D cinema equipment and truck mobile 9D cinema also said that the commonly time for the 5D movie should be generally 8 to 15 minutes. When it has been compared with traditional film, this time range is very short. However, the short time should be mainly determined by several aspects. First, the cost for development of 5D films is very huge cost and the long length movies will let the manufacturer bear with very huge financial burden. Second, the 5D cinema equipment must be installed with the corresponding seat to act the related action. Thirdly, the appropriate video length can better increase profit margins. Finally, the selection of the 5D video content often the sci-fi, adventure, horror and other contents which could mostly bring with people the excitement or novelty feeling in short period of time. All of these factors determine the short length of the 5D films.

If people want to invest the 5D film, the high quality 5D cinema equipments should be very necessary. However, the famous China 5D cinema equipments supplier Guangzhou Xindy should be these investors’ best choice.

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