5 year old boy invents the best intelligence and entertainment system for infants and toddlers.

The Sean in a Box™ Intelligence System is the new project launched on KickStarter that has a lot of potential that aids in the development of children and is already creating quite a buzz amongst parents who wish their kids to be ahead of everyone.
Sean in a Box™ helps to create smarter & more intelligent children who will be able to receive better grades when they enter school.

Pensacola, Florida June 2nd, 2014Sean in a Box is a dedicated portable intelligence and entertainment system that also serves as a toy storage box that helps children in the early development of their intelligence. It comes with 14 DVD’s that visualizes varied fields of experience and a learning center and compact toy box. The rectangle moveable box exhibits up to 14 learning elements, and on turning the box the child is exposed to learning important fundamentals of everyday life. Studies conducted by top universities have revealed that the brain development and the best time for learning are during the initial five years of the child’s life.

Sean in a Box™ Intelligence and Entertainment System

With children seeing and hearing the words and also, understanding the meaning of the words, the Sean in a Box system teaches children much more than just recognizing alphabets and numbers. The understanding of words includes making them recognize and understand various objects, actions, and parts of the body, family members, solar system and even difficult things like countries of the world that helps in the advancement in the early development of intelligence of the child. Unlike other teaching systems that don’t interest the child for long, Sean in a Box is the only system that has been able to entertain children and hold their attention for many hours every day. Also, parents need not worry about their child turning into a nerd, because with learning they are also enjoying and storing all their toys in just one place.

Sean in a Box™ Early Learning & Intelligence System

In order to help Sean’s and his parents who are also the creator’s of this brilliant intelligence system that makes everyday life easier and more organized for all parents, they need financial support from everyone who believes that this idea can take off and benefit many children in turning them into smarter adults. They need to hire a manufacturing firm to start off with a nationwide distribution so that Sean in a Box becomes accessible to every parent and their children.

The Sean in a Box Intelligence and Entertainment System consists of revolutionary methods that will have an enduring effect on the child and ‘Inspire the Genius’ within them. This is the ideal system that should be taken up by all parents very seriously to help their children become smarter and more intelligent before they even enter the school structure. Please spread the word and support this campaign in every way possible.


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