4 Cycle Solution Review: Examining Shaun Hadsall’s New Carb Cycling Program

4 Cycle Solution literally transforms the the way the body processes fuel and causes the body to use fat instead of sugar/carbs for energy.
4 Cycle Solution reviews have been popping up everywhere since it’s release today. The author, Shaun Hadsall claims you can actually burn massive amounts of fat by eating more carbs. This claim has sparked the interest of TrustworthyFitness.com’s Josh Houghton who decided to do an in-depth review to see if this claim and others is legit.

A detailed 4 Cycle Solution review has been conducted by TrustworthyFitness.com’s Joshua Houghton. A product reviewer who specializes in online fitness, diet and workout programs. The author of the 4 Cycle Solution, Shaun Hadsall claims that the mainstream media and many other organizations have had it wrong for many years.

Many of these outlets have claimed that carbs cause weight gain, stall weight loss and are horrible for people looking to get into shape, but Shaun Hadsall, a fitness and nutrition expert with over 15 years of experience says this couldn’t be further from the truth. Shaun claims that the body can learn how to burn fat instead of sugar/carbs for energy through a process called carb cycling which Shaun outlines in his 4 Cycle Solution program.

“As I was condulting my 4 Cycle Solution review I discovered that Carb Cycling is a very real thing and one that does work. Although it’s not commonly known within the general public, but athletes and fitness professionals have been using this method of strategically adding high carb items back into your diet to literally burn fat rapidly.” reports Houghton. Carb cycling allows you to teach your body to burn fat instead of carbs for energy which results in rapid weight loss and a increase in energy, but with other benefits as well.”

“So it is completely possible to lose weight by eating carbs such as bread, white rice, pasta and etc, but the key is to do it a smart and controlled manner. You don’t want to eat nothing but carbs, but learn to incorporate them along with other foods in a balanced way.” reports Houghton.

Shaun Hadsall, the author of 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution discovered this technique of adding carbs into a diet to burn excessive fat after he heard a story about how Japanese men and women have a diet that is almost 85% carb, but yet they never seem to gain weight. They tend to have a very high carb diet with about 9% protein and 6% fat.
This led him to research about carb cycling and how in many ways it’s just a normal part of the Japanese culture. The more Shaun looked into the more he understood how important carbs are within a diet.

“You don’t have to suffer through a diet without your favorite foods. You can enjoy bread and other carbs, but the key is understanding how to add them into your life and diet, the proper amounts, sizes and etc. This is all covered in Shaun Hadsall’s 4 Cycle Solution.” reports Houghton.

“During my 4 Cycle Solution review I took an in-depth look at the material that comes with the program. The 4 Cycle Solution isn’t a workout program so don’t expect follow along videos or a complete workout library. This is a nutrition, diet based program which will show you how to use carbs to supercharge your weight loss, increase energy, get rid of sugar addictions and boost your metabolism 24/7″ reports Houghton

The 4 Cycle Solution contains 4 main modules, 3 additional “gift” modules and 3 bonus items. The first module is called The 7 Day Carb Depletion. In this first module also known as “Cycle 1” Shaun teaches people how to drop 5,6 or 7 pounds of unwanted fat within just one week. He also covers the issue of rebound weight and claims it’s not a issue.

This would be considered the beginning phase which starts to prime the body for the massive change from burning carbs for energy to burning fat for energy. The second cycle is called Macro-Patterning and this is one of the key themes of the entire 4 Cycle Solution program.

This cycle was designed to add as a catalyst to get the metaolism of the person performing the system ready to burn even more fat. This cycle is when carbs are introduced by into the consumers life and diet and the body is trained to never store them as fat again. This helps to combat metabolic slowdown and prevents loss of muscle tissue as well.

The third part of the 4 Cycle Fat Loss program is called Accelerated Fat Loss. In this cycle the body is taught how to overcome almost any adaptiveresponse the body might present to stop weight loss from happening. This contains a tested meal plan which last for two weeks which will teach people how to control energy stores and manipulate hormones to keep fat burning going 24/7.

The fourth and final module is called The Diet Break and this is when everything learned up to this point is put on cruise control and becomes an automatic, way of life for the person involved with the program. The body will no longer store fat and will burn it as fuel. Metabolism will stay highly active as well. Carbs are completely added back into the life of the person going through the program at this point. Everything is now automatic.

Now it’s time to put your fat loss on cruise control.

“In addition to the main 4 Cycle Solution modules Shaun Hadsall also includes a number of free gifts and bonuses which include The 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet Exercise Guide, Success Guide & Food Journal, Supplementation Guide, Instant MP3 Audio Fat Loss Motivation & Time Management and Macro-Patterning™ Nutrition Manual. All of these are great gifts which add to the value of the main 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution course.” reports Houghton. Customers also get a number of bonuses which include Learn How to Carb Cycle Fast Start Video Lessons, The Fat Burning Shortcut Solution &  Food Timing Tricks for Rapid Fat Loss. I go into more depth about these bonuses on the actual 4 Cycle Solution Review.”

4 Cycle Solution is a interesting fitness program because it’s something completely different which allows it to stand out of the crowd. It’s not a workout program and it’s not your typical fat loss program. Shaun has created a unique system which will allow owners of this product to enjoy their favorite carbs while still living a healthy life and losing weight.

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