4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution: Review Examining Shaun Hadsall’s New Weight Loss System Released

4-Cycle Fat Loss Solution, from best selling exercise and nutrition author Shaun Hadsall, promises to provide an easy-to-follow guide on how to lose the weight and keep it off without having to sacrifice your favorite foods.
4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is a new weight loss system that promises to help users lose weight without having to give up their favorite high carb foods. The excitement surrounding the release of this program has caught the attention of Will DeMarco of digitalproductnews.org, prompting him to do an investigative review for his readers.

“4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution initially appears to be a counter-intuitive approach to weight loss,” says DeMarco of digitalproductnews.org.  He adds, “it’s a diet program that doesn’t focus on carb restriction.” He continues, “Rather, it focuses on how to train the body to more effectively burn fat. When I learned about Shaun Hadsall’s weight loss system I wanted to find out more because it completely upends the traditional approach to dieting.  Shaun Hadsall is a best-selling exercise and nutrition author, who backs up his weightloss program with scientific research.  In other words, this guy seemed like the real deal, but I wanted to do investigate whether his product’s claims stacked up to the results.”

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4-Cycle Solution comes in a downloadable format.  As the digitalproductnews.org review explains, Hadsall’s weight loss system is broken down into the following four cycles:

  • Cycle 1 is the most important potion of the program.  It is a seven-day “carb depletion” diet that is designed to prepare the metabolism for sustained fat loss. This portion includes a nutrition manual that helps train the body to deplete fat by going to fat as the “go to” energy source rather than sugar. The whole idea here is to train the body to become “fat adaptive,” or to burn the fat first. 

  • Cycle 2 is called the”macro-patterning” portion of the program. Cycle 2 allows the user to strategically incorporate favorite carbs into his or her diet to enhance metabolic rates. It even includes exercises to help speed up the metabolism, which shows a good synergy between diet and exercise with this program.

  • Cycle 3, or the “accelerated fat loss” portion, is a two-week plan that teaches users how to control energy and hormone levels so users stay on the weight loss track.

  • Cycle 4, or the “diet break” portion of the program where the user intentionally increase his or her carb load to create a new “metabolic set point” in order to train the metabolism to continue to burn fat at optimum rates.

In total there are nine guides and three bonus materials.  The bonuses include video lessons, a fat burning exercises, and a guide to a “food-timing” trick guide that is designed to help keep the body in high energy, fat burning, mode 24/7.

“Overall, we were impressed with how comprehensive Shaun Hadsall’s weight loss guide is and we were particularly impressed that Hadsall cites to the nutritional science behind this program. In the end, if you’re looking to lose weight and keep it off, we would recommend that you take a close look at Hadsall’s program to find out if it’s right for you.”

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