4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution author Shaun Hadsall reveals how eating high carb meals can lead to increased metabolism and fat-burning

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution
Shaun Hadsall’s 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is kicking off it’s 1 year anniversary by revealing how the 4 cycle macro patterning system can show individuals how to boost metabolism and burn fat by eating high carb meals.

Shaun Hadsall, a personal trainer, food coach and 3 times best selling nutrition author celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution system. This nutrition system was developed so individuals could live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight by consuming high carb meals contrary to popular belief. Most nutrtion experts believe that meals high in carbs can contribute to weight gain, but author Shaun Hadsall believes that carbs play a major role in losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Low carb diets in general allow individuals to lose weight, but the body is only burning a small amount of it’s stored fat reserves when eating low carb. For every gram of carbs a person consumes the body holds 3 grams of water.  The majority of weight loss comes from the body sheding water and this release of stored water drains the body of it’s energy and destroys hormones.

The solution is that carbs must be consumed in a strategic manner using a 4 cycle protocol which allows the body to begins increasing metabolism which allows the body to burn stored fat. This strategic nutrition program is based on a unique Japanese style of eating which involves eating more carbs. Men and women in the Japanese culture tend to have a higher life expectancy and the lowest rate of obesity (2.9%) in the world, versus 11% for the French and 32% for Americans.

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution author Shaun Hadsall believes that inserting foods high in carbs such as rice, bread, potatoes, and other carbs into a strategic manner primes the human body to burn stored body fat for energy instead of sugar/glucose which is the primary energy source for the body. The end result is an increase in fat-burning potential, energy, lean muscle growth and more consistent results.

“Carbs aren’t the problem. The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution step by step program shows individuals how to burn -fat by eating meals loaded with carbs instead of healthy foods which lack taste and flavor. Eating large amounts of high carb foods all the time can cause weight gain and isn’t recommended, but the key is to use a balanced, controlled, strategic approach of adding carbs into meals within specific times and days,” reports Shaun Hadsall.

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