3rd Generation Bookkeeper Wins Best of Shoreline With Help From Blind Genius Mom And E-Myth Author Michael Gerber!

Leading Bookkeeping Company Gets Wise Advice From Elders And Begins Producing Extraordinary Results For Seattle Entrepreneurs

October 11, 2017 – Sound Bookkeepers has been awarded the “Best Bookkeeping Business of Shoreline” by an independent award agency for three years in a row now. The family owned business started for less than $100 in 2014 and guided by Michael Gerber has become a Seattle leader in micro to medium business bookkeeping services, getting messy books caught up, and helping entrepreneurs succeed in Puget Sound. More than 700 years after Francesco Datini created the standard, commonly known today as double-entry bookkeeping, this company continues to uphold the tradition with its exceptional services and dedicated staff members.  Mr. Gerber personally consulted with Sound Bookkeepers during its first year, and so did Claire Anderson, his Mom and a 2nd Generation bookkeeper from Miami who is now legally blind and a member of the high IQ society Mensa.  Now their investment is paying off in unexpected ways.

“What I’ve learned is most business owners, if they keep track at all, begin keeping track incorrectly from the start.  They use single-entry accounting from thousands of years ago.  It works for some things, but it’s not up to today’s standards called GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).  Being behind in record keeping and not looking at your financials regularly is not your dirty laundry, it’s expected if you’re succeeding,” said Russ Shulman, the owner of Sound Bookkeepers while talking about his company. “Businesses get traction, and the bookkeeping piles up.  The reason we say that ‘Our Facts beat the Odds’ is that the chances of a big win are already slim for an entrepreneur, but our client’s books are correct and up to date, and that, along with some periodic helpful insight, is what owners need.  We jokingly call it Tax Therapy!” he added.  In addition, their tech savvy staff can make most complicated things easy, and clients can send in their mounds of paper and receipts with free FedEx shipping envelopes, which are rapidly processed in their Shoreline office.

According to Russ, Sound Bookkeepers is not just a bookkeeping firm, but a business owner’s support structure. Most small companies can’t afford a CFO, Controller, and Auditor, but all businesses need them, so Sound Bookkeepers attempts to provide these services even with their their entry-level bookkeeping package.  Their commitment to developing a guaranteed success formula has proven effective with time, and Russ along with his team, have received a phenomenal response from the clients in the form of reviews and testimonials.  Regardless of the mess at hand, the award-winning company has earned its reputation with hard work and determination, unlike any of their competitors in the industry.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at: www.soundbookkeepers.com

To contact Russ directly, please email him at: Russ@soundbookkeepers.com

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