3D Space-Sandbox Game ‘InfiniExplorers’ Now Available on Kickstarter

InfiniExplorers is a 3D space-sandbox game, made for space exploration, science fiction, resource management and action fans. It is a space-based and planetary sandbox exploration game in which you must build your spaceship and explore planets throughout the galaxy, building and maintaining bases as you go. You start out on one of the many available planets, and from there you must build up some manufacturing capabilities and planetary infrastructure in order to support your base and ultimately build and outfit a ship capable of reaching the stars.  You can use your ship to reach other planets.

In the gameplay video you can see cool looking manufacturing facilities that you can build. It is interesting to watch the raw materials being moved around and converted into useful goods. It is also really cool to see the spaceship dock with the system and start loading goods into its cargo bay using robotic arms.

Watch the alpha video trailer here

One of the important part of the game is the design and build of all the auxiliary systems that the base and spaceship will need in order to work, like water pumps, solar generators, oxygen generators. The player should build all the wires and pipes to connect each machine to other machines that need these essential resources

InfiniExplorers Team is trying to raise $15000 to continue development of the game. If you do pledge your support, you will receive access to the pre-alpha build of the game. Check out the Indiegogo campaign here

Also the game is on Steam Greenlight so you can vote and help InfiniExplorers to enter on Steam.

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Country: Spain
Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/infiniexplorers