The 1st SFAB is designed to provide geographic combatant commanders with master tacticians who train, advise, assist, accompany and enable allied and partnered foreign security forces.

FORT BENNING, Ga. – The 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade soldiers were briefed on the commendable improvements for their tactical performance in an introductory class held on November 1 on Kelley Hill at Fort Benning, Georgia. 

Three Soldiers with the U.S. Army Medical Command temporarily embedded with 1st SFAB, and a preventative medicine non-commissioned officer with the 1st SFAB, spoke to Soldiers to help arm them with information to maximize their performance through physical training, sleep, proper diet and avoiding disease.

“(We’re) here because we want you to perform at a high level and complete your mission,” said Capt. Stephen Turner, licensed occupational therapist, MEDCOM. 

The topics talked about included field sanitation, nutrition, physical training and mental agility. These topics were identified as some of the areas that need improvement based on observations by the MEDDAC Soldiers and Sgt. Kyle Harper, preventative medicine NCO, 1st SFAB. The Soldiers have been embedded with the brigade since July, said 1st Lt. Derek Anderson, registered dietitian nutritionist, MEDCOM. 

Anderson said the idea is to set soldiers up for success for a potential deployment, but also that the principles carry over and are put to use to maximize their recovery before they would be placed back into rotation, as they are part of this high-operational tempo unit. 

The 1st SFAB is designed to provide geographic combatant commanders with master tacticians who train, advise, assist, accompany and enable allied and partnered foreign security forces. 

Capt. Dare O’Ravitz, 1st Battalion, 1st SFAB, said while he thinks the physical capabilities of the Soldiers is up to par, he believes getting enough sleep and eating right is a problem in the military. He said for Soldiers to see a holistic improvement, they must apply deliberate effort to each area of improvement.

“Each of these things take time and mental energy to devote to,” O’Ravitz said. “You can’t just focus on one and expect to have a balanced improvement.”

He is pleased to see the Army’s effort in these areas in order to maximize Soldier success. 

The long-term intent is to reach all 1st SFAB Soldiers so that they can thrive in any type of operational environment by implementing the tips and advice learned during the class.

Anderson said the need for instruction came from higher command, particularly Col. Scott Jackson, commander, 1st SFAB, and his initiative for Soldiers to be fit, be jacked and be imposing. 

“They really want to make sure that these Soldiers are as prepared as possible to execute their mission,” Anderson said. “They realize that physical training, nutrition and sleep are going to impact that.”

Capt. Nicholas Koreerat, orthopedic board-certified physical therapist, MEDCOM, said the intent was to develop the culture in the 1st SFAB and then propel it to the other five SFABs the Army will establish.

“It’s really great that we’re here early on in the creation of this new unit because we are really trying to establish a high-performing culture,” Anderson said. “If we can engrain it from day one, then hopefully there is some carryover to the next Soldiers that come in here. We’re really just making sure that everyone is speaking this language and focusing on these things.”

Soldiers interested in joining the 1st SFAB should contact their branch manager.

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