11 Special Features Makes Airwheel R8 Smart Trekking Bike Outstanding

Among various works of Airwheel, R8 smart electric bike is an outstanding one. What makes it so outstanding? It may benefit from triangle frame, trip computer, 26-inch tires, adjustable handle, streamlined saddle, shock mitigation system, bright headlight, brake warning light, three ride modes, brushless motor power system or intelligent brake system.

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R8 electric cross bike is highly praised as one of the most successful works of Airwheel. Indeed, it has the upper hand when it comes to appearance, design detail, power, safety and riding experience. All of them make R8 an outstanding work of Airwheel or even in the whole travel transport sector. What is more, it has become a great life assistant of many people. Whether consumer base or market share, R8 still occupies the dominant position.

Airwheel R8 triangle electric bike

Airwheel R8 electric bike selects triangle frame that has better stability, firmness and crush resistance. Meanwhile, such a design is full of a strong sense of aesthetics. Some people highly praise the adopted triangle philosophy the wise combination of aesthetics and mechanics. A pair of 26-inch tires makes R8 attractive. The special tread pattern in surface improves the grip performance and skid resistance. Then, R8 is able to challenge some difficult road conditions, like bumpy road, mountain road and sand road. The adjustable handle and breathable saddle are helpful to give people comfortable riding experience. The headlight and brake warning night guarantee the riding safety in the night or brake. Three ride modes bring riders more fun. Riders can freely switch among bicycle mode, moped mode and electricity-powered mode so as to gain different riding experience. The brushless motor power system is a brand-new technological breakthrough. The motor takes the magnetic encoder as the sensor, with precise controllability, invariableness turning speed and power saving, greatly reducing friction. Riders will get a smooth and low noise ride.

Airwheel R8 triangle electric bike

In the battery of Airwheel R8 triangle electric bike, there is a built-in USB port. Then, riders can make the use of battery to charge some carry-on electronic devices, such as cell phone, digital camera or iPad. The trip computer on the handlebar lets people read the real-time data or regulate settings at any moment. Above all, R8 is an outstanding work of Airwheel.

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